Egyptian Society



Who are we?

A group of students who aims to promote a good image for our beloved country and have lots of fun on the side. We bring you a mixture of new experiences and things that make you feel at home, besides creating a friendly atmosphere for Egyptian students to socialise. The welfare of our members is a matter of importance to us.


Our Activities... in a nutshell

Whether you are a sports person or just want to chill, we have got something for you.

Social events: an excellent opportunity for Egyptians to meet their fellow countrymen

Sports events: share the sport you love with the people you love. Including football, table tennis, volleyball and squash.

Cultural events: time to explore the cultures, languages and cuisines from other countries, as well as representing ours.

Joint events: the SU is full of societies, saving you trouble we will bring the best to you.

Outings: shisha night or a fancy restaurant always gathers the Egyptians.

Gaming nights: fun time with board games, with an Egyptian taste. Your only chance to play dominoes or backgammon (‘Tawla').


Are you a fresher?

Say no more, we’ve all been there. We all struggled at the beginning to settle down, but you don’t have to, you can just come to us and we’ll make sure to help.

Maybe all what you want is finding a good grocery store or which bus to take to get to town, simply ask us and save so much time. However, during the year you might encounter something more serious, if we can’t help you, we will direct you to the right service at the university if needed.


Diversity is important!

Even though the society is mostly Egyptians, there are many students who lived elsewhere. For instance, some lived in the gulf countries, others are Italian Egyptians and of course some are British Egyptians.

Also, there is diversity academic wise. Ranging from foundation students to PhD students, Egyptian students can be found in many courses, like business, pharmacy and engineering.



Our rich culture and our long history might be a source of curiosity to you, where else is better to learn about Egypt than from Egyptians themselves. You will be surprised that most of the stereotypes aren’t true. We believe that meeting different people from several backgrounds is an unforgettable experience. So we encourage you to come an join us when you are ready for some serious fun!


Aren’t you a member yet?!

There are so many pros that come with our membership...

·         Free social events at the university during the year

·         Discounts at restaurants at our events

·         10% discount on your orders from Halalivery

·         Priority to purchase tickets to our events and/or get a discount on the ticket.

·         Free or discounted sports events

·         Get informed by our upcoming events, competitions and new discounts throughout this academic year.

... and so much more for a whole year, all of that with £3.50 only. The earlier you become a member the more advantages you get.


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