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Economics & Finance Society NEFS BALL: A MASQUERADE BALL
13th March 6:30am - 10:45am
Goosedale, Nottingham
NEFS invites you to our biggest event of the year, all the magic of a Masquerade Ball at Goosedale Hall. Be prepared for an evening of fun and entertainment hidden behind the mystery of your mask.


Consulting Directors
Maria Fernandes Camano Garcia
Sneha Shah
Corporate Finance Director
Ainanshe Ali
Thomas Belayneh
Amar Kang
Development Co-ordinator
Andrew O'Hara
EF Directors
James Michael Allington
Matthew Stanton Wicks
General Secretary
Mohammed Azim Ahmed
Head of Sponsors
Mohammed Farhaan Iqbal
Marketing Director
Catherine Deacon
Simran Kaur Sanghera
Lea van der Zwalmen
Sareena Verma
Rhea Kumar
Research Director
Amelia Rose Hacon
Social Sec (Business/Industrial Economics/Non Economics)
Hamza Rehman
Aamira Tejani
Sports Secretary
Alex Whitson-Smith
Akhand Shahriar Rahim
Vice Marketing Director
Sharandeep Bhogal
Vice-President: Economics
Jasmine Kareer
Vice-President: Non-Economics
Karundeep Singh Kang
Women in Finance Directors
Simran Kaur Dhillon
Nikita Smith