NU Dance

Hey NUDancers, 

Our next AGM for selecting committee 2020/2021 will be taking place before the end of semester two. Keep up to date with our facebook and instagram to make sure you don't miss it! This year we will be using an online voting system, instead of meeting face-to-face, due to COVID-19. More information about this is coming soon!

Below you will find the manifestos of those applying to be on committee for 2020/2021. Have a read through them all ready for the online AGM (date TBC), when our lovely members will decide who they want to elect for the next committee. 

Election Manifestos for 2020/21 Committee


Chloe Bryan

Hi! I’m Chloe, a second-year Psychology student. I would love the role of NUDance President so I can pay something back to this incredible society and being Treasurer this year has equipped me with transferable skills for this new role. I have learned what other committee roles entail and the timeline of events throughout the year so am able to help any member when required. Similarly, I understand the financial needs of the society which will help me to lead NUDance accordingly. I thoroughly enjoyed my role as Treasurer and now feel able to take on that of President.

I am highly motivated, enthusiastic and always willing to put in maximum effort, helping NUDance to run as smoothly as possible. I am organised (Let’s forget about the ‘leaving costumes on the coach’ scenario!) which will allow me to juggle my degree, being President and participating in class. I am responsible, efficient and able to deal with whatever comes my way. Most importantly, I’m passionate about dance, demonstrated through my participation in performances and competitions. I’d like to share my passion and ensure a successful and enjoyable year at NUDance.

NUDance has contributed greatly to my university experience. I’ve made wonderful friends whilst creating incredible memories. However, I know some find it challenging to speak to new people so making friends may be difficult. I want to be a friendly and familiar face so people feel at ease when coming to dance. I’d also like to set up some form of class bonding to make NUDance an unforgettable experience for all. Finally, I want to continue to make NUDance an inclusive space for everyone to share their love of dance.

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto and I will see you all very soon!

Chloe xx

Vice President

Tessa Boswell

Hi, I’m Tessa, a second year Psychology student, and I’d love the opportunity to be your Vice President next year and continue to be involved in such an incredible society! This past year as treasurer has not only been an amazing experience but has given me vital skills which I can carry over to this role. Being treasurer has allowed me to develop good communication skills, through working closely with each committee member, as well as allowing me to gain good problem-solving skills as any issues that came up throughout the year were solved efficiently using teamwork.

From this year I believe I’ve gained a deep understanding of all committee roles which would allow me to oversee and support all our members as well as assisting the President wherever needed, such as with important societal decisions.

A key part of the role is welfare; something I am very passionate about as I know how hard it can be to juggle uni life and balance the workload with everything else that goes on in our busy lives! I like to think I am approachable and people can come to me for any problem, big or small, and I’ll try to help or point them in the direction of help.
This role also requires good organisational skills and great enthusiasm, both of which are key for our fab alumni weekends and successful partnerships with charities to raise as much money as possible. I feel I have shown these two qualities throughout my two years at NUDance and could draw on these skills if I were elected into this role.

NUDance is one of my ultimate highlights of uni and I’d love the opportunity to continue making it amazing for the next year with all of you amazing people,

Big love,

Tessa xoxoxo

General Secretary

1. Shahbhan Ramzan

Hi, I’m Shahbhan, currently in 3rd year medicine. I joined NUDance at the beginning of second year. I went to a taster class in beginners street and absolutely loved it so carried on and haven’t looked back since, even trying new styles this year. Having never danced before I was incredibly nervous going to that first class, but what made it so much easier was how kind and welcoming everyone was – from the committee, to the teachers, to the members and is something that hasn’t changed during my time here.

I feel as though I’m suited to the role of general secretary, because I believe I have good organisational, time management and teamwork skills and am good at prioritising tasks all of which I have gained through various volunteering roles in the past. Above all I hope to be as kind and welcoming to everyone, as everyone in this wonderful society is, especially encouraging new people who may have never danced and may be really nervous to join as I was in the same position a year and a bit ago and is the best thing I’ve done.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

2. Zoe Turner

I would like to apply for General Secretary as I am a good organiser and confident in coordinating lots of people. At my dance school I was Head Girl in 2018/2019 in this position of responsibility I was in charge of senior groups, creating and distributing newsletters and was the main point of communication between teachers and students. I had to communicate when rehearsals would be and ensure everything was running smoothly-  this experience would support me in the role as General Secretary of NUDance. I believe I would be an asset to the NUdance committee as I manage time well, listen well, am a good speaker and will try to find compromises where needed.

As General Secretary I would propose:

- group chats to organise rehearsals and announcements

-sending weekly emails containing rehearsal times, rehearsal locations, important information and new such as results from competitions (if possible I would like to send out live stream links to non-competing members of NUDance so they can watch, support and feel involved in the societies success)

- to help other committee members where required thus supporting and ensuring they are happy as I feel this is important to create an effective team

3. Alice Pygram

I would be a great fit for the role of general secretary because I am organized and committed to helping the dance society. Throughout my sixth form, I was dance captain and organized multiple competitions and ran rehearsals for girls lower down the school. For one specific charity competition, it was specified that money had to raised upon entering, therefore I organized within the space of two weeks a dance and music fundraiser, raising over £650 for the British Red Cross. This shows that I am no stranger to organizing and getting the job done under time pressured situations. Furthermore, organizing the competitions and fundraiser allowed me to enhance my communication skills as I frequently had to discuss and arrange details with the BRC to ensure all ran smoothly. I can use these skills to clearly communicate to others through multiple mediums to ensure everyone is clear on details of classes and rehearsals. Across the year I have been part of four competition teams and have partaken in other performance opportunities which clearly highlights my love and dedication to the society. In conclusion I am excited and thankful to have the opportunity to support and promote.

Treasurers (x2)

1. Jess Harrison

Hi I’m Jess and I’m applying for the role of treasurer. I’m currently in my first year studying Physics. I’m a friendly and approachable person, and love to interact with new people. I’ve been an active member of the society throughout the year. Being a member of the Tap, Jazz, Latin and Wildcard teams means I haven’t had the quietest of years, but despite this, the commitment to rehearsals has helped to prepare me for the number of hours that being a treasurer demands.

As a waitress, I’ve had plenty of experience in money-handling, which is important for the role of treasurer. Throughout my sixth-form years I was heavily involved in the PE and Dance department, dedicating many hours a week to teaching: PE lessons, lunchtime clubs, helping with fixtures, and mostly organising the bi-annual dance show. While doing this I had to work closely in a team with my teachers and budget accordingly to ensure that the show ran smoothly. In doing all of this I developed my organisation skills a lot, because I had to plan my subjects around all of this and meet deadlines.

2. Emilia Wightman

Hi, my name is Milly and I would love to have the opportunity to be a treasurer next year. I am currently in my first year studying Spanish, international media and communications. I would say that I am a friendly and approachable person which is important to this role because the treasurer is the first person you see every week when coming into class. As a treasurer you have to work closely with all the other committee members and working as a waitress and a gymnastic coach has allowed me to gain plenty of experience in working both within a team of people and handling money. I have also helped to organise a range of gymnastics competitions and events where budgeting was an important aspect, so I understand that budgeting is key in order to make everything else run smoothly. Doing all of this alongside my exams helped me to develop my organisation- another vital characteristic of this role. Being part of NuDance has been one of the highlights of my first year at university and I would love the opportunity to give something back to this amazing society next year. 

Social Secretary

Olivia Beeson

Hi, I’m Liv and I am a first-year English student and would love to be NUDance’s social sec. This role would be perfect for me, not just because I love a night out, but also because I am a confident and approachable person who definitely doesn’t have a problem talking to anyone. Being involved in a society and feeling part of something bigger is a massive part of university life and I would love to be part of committee and enrich the social aspects of NUDance. I feel as if the socials are a key part of the society, creating friendships outside of the studio as well as in, and I can’t wait to share my new ideas and create more friendships. Some of these include pizza and movie nights, and potentially NUDance on tour! As your social sec my main goal would be inclusivity for old and new members, organising classic nights out to remember (or in my case probably not) as well as sober trips and events. My first year with NUDance has been full of fun and I hope as social sec I can create an even better experience for others!

Costume Secretary (x2)

1. Ella Moore

Hi, I’m Ella, a second year Liberal Arts student currently in Malaysia. I’d be delighted to be one of your Costume Secretaries, as NUDance is such a significant part of my university experience which I’ve deeply missed this past year. Being able to give back to the society through employing my passion for art and design would be incredible!

As one of the youngest in the country to achieve Bronze and Silver Arts Awards, national qualifications from Arts Council England, I’ve always been enthusiastic about creativity. Having organised creative workshops for children in my local area and abroad whilst volunteering, I’ve been able to familiarise myself with various art mediums- including textiles, charcoal and oil paints- as well as learn about working collaboratively in artistic environments. These skills, I believe, would help me within the role as I could draw upon knowledge of composition or media to design vibrant backdrops, create costume adjustments using experience of sewing and work alongside a team in translating visions of outfits and props into exciting realities! I’d consider myself approachable, organised and conscientious- a friendly face in class and someone who’d ensure everyone feels comfortable and empowered in their costumes the way they should!

2. Tess Hassan

Hi I’m Tess and I’m in my first year of studying English and History of Art. I’ve been part of NUDance for almost a full university year now and would like the opportunity to expand my involvement in the society by becoming a costume secretary. I love how you can become a different character within a dance and believe that the costume you wear is an incredibly important part of achieving this, something that I’d like to help reach as a costume secretary. As this position requires working alongside someone else, it is important to collaborate creatively to produce costumes that emphasise the talent the society has. I’m a creative person and always push myself to work to the best of my ability which is vital as a costume secretary. I’m very friendly which is important so that people feel able to approach me with any queries. I’m a good listener and able to take on board criticism which I use to improve my work, something that will be key when communicating with teachers about their dances. This will enable me to create a costume that fulfils their vision for a dance that is both practical and original.

Show Secretary

1. Natalie Watson

Hi everyone! My name is Natalie and I would love to be the show sec for next year. I would honestly love the opportunity to give something back to this amazing society and create a wonderful show for you all. The show is a special time of year for everyone involved and is a final chance to dance with all your friends before exam season hits and I would love to be the person to bring everyone together and create an amazing performance for all. I am a creative person, but I am also pragmatic, which I feel are important attributes when creating such a large production. Creating and running events is something that I have experience in, so I understand what it takes to run a successful (and entertaining) production. I want to continue the amazing work done by the previous show sec by continuing to make sure that everyone feels included within the show and I feel that I have the determination to make this possible.

NUDance has been such a huge part of my uni life and I would love the opportunity to showcase all the talent we have within the society.

Love Natalie x

2. Laura Castillo

Hello, my name is Laura and I am running for the position of show sec, a role I believe well suited to my creative personality. This is a position I would be greatly committed to as I understand the importance of the annual show for every individual  involved in the society and how it brings everyone together as one large family, celebrating the talents of NUDance.  

I am no stranger when it comes to working in demanding environments after my times volunteering on hospital wards and helping with running shows at my previous dance school, enabling me to improve my time management and problem solving skills vital for this role.

If elected, I would aim to

  1. Work closely with the entire society and committee, choreographers, tech department and venue owners to effectively execute a successful and exciting piece suited to everyone, listening to all additional input.
  2. Maintain organisation so everything leading up to the show can run as smooth as possible whilst staying within the budget.
  3. Motivate others and ensure all members feel part of a collective whilst being a familiar face to approach with any questions.

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto, I hope that you’ll consider me a suitable candidate.  

Competition Secretary

Ellie Mayhew

Heya NUDancers! I’m Ellie, a second-year physio student and would love to rerun for comp sec next year. I have had the best time being competition sec this year so I’d be so grateful if I got to do the role again. I would like to continue with the audition feedback I put in place this year but refine it to make it simpler for teachers and students. Based upon feedback I’d also like to encourage more bonding between the whole competition squad, to ensure all the teams and members feel that they know a few more competitors by comp time. I’d also like to consider conferring with team captains to introduce some technique workshops for comp team members to attend to ensure everyone is hitting those triples on stage ; ). I want to strive to continue to make comps as stress free and as fun as possible. This year we had a huge competition squad, who all hopefully enjoyed themselves so I hope I can facilitate this again, as well as continuing to be super involved with our fabulous NUDance society.

Publicity Secretary

1. Beatrice Val-Brookes

Dance has been the highlight of my first year at Nottingham and I would love the opportunity to give back to the society this following year. I would describe myself as a capable and driven individual who certainly isn’t afraid of a challenge and hard work. I currently study Politics though I aim to pursue a career in marketing or PR, my upcoming summer internship at Epson printers allowing my passion for the visual side of publicity to flourish. I aim to be ambitious with this role particularly in terms of costs.

My goals: 

* Keep competition tracksuit the same: looks professional, and no re-purchasing necessary.

* Make stash warmer: I would include either a coat/crewneck sweatshirt to go underneath/over any other stash items. I will be persistent in looking for sponsorship to subsidise this. 

* Comfortable and wearable items: The basics would be made mainly from a monochrome colour palette (leggings and slouchy joggers) with the odd pop of colour (sports bras and sleeveless tops). 

I would love the opportunity to be publicity secretary so that we can have all our members looking, and most importantly, feeling good both in and outside the studio!

2. Niamh Lancaster

Hi I’m Niamh, I’m a first year Law student and I would love to be your publicity sec. I think I would be very well suited to this role as I am very organised, creative and passionate about promoting NUDance. I am an approachable and co-operative person, attributes I think are valuable for any committee member. I have several new ideas and am excited to share them with you. I want to make stash versatile for all, ensuring everyone looks fab and feels comfortable. Some of my new ideas include creating a dance bag and more vibrant and varied clothing styles, exercising my passion for fashion;)! I will work to ensure that stash is cost effective, for example through seeking sponsorships. I want to promote the society through various forms, making sure that NUDance is publicised to the full extent. I will give NUDance a greater social media presence, posting upcoming socials and events, illustrating how fun and diverse we are as an extremely talented society. I will guarantee that everyone knows who we are, what we stand for and why being part of NUDance is something you don’t want to miss out on!

3. Sophie Katz

Hello NUDancers! I’m Sophie, the current Social Sec. I’m running for Publicity Sec as I’d love to try something new in my 3rd Year building on my proven experience! I feel I have the transferable skills to be a creative, confident & charismatic Publicity Sec.


-Time management, organisation and innovation In my role as Social Sec, introducing new socials and themes increasing numbers for socials

-Proven creativity in designing logos for campaigns at school, setting up and decorated a stall for school fair, open days and printed logos onto t-shirts

-Adept at social media marketing e.g. publicised events and promoting sales of tickets


-Carry on creating sick graphics and promotional materials to publicise our fabulous society

-Keep current style of tracksuits as Lizzie has done a great job at kitting us out to look professional – keeping to cost effectiveness

-Introduce colour schemes so everything matches

-Sports top instead of a t-shirt and ¾ zip jumper

-Investigate branded NUDance bags as feedback indicates it’s of interest

-Improve sizing as people said stash was too big

Thank you for reading my manifesto! Please contact me to ask any questions you may have.

Performance Secretary

1. Beatrice Val-Brookes

Hi, my name is Bea and this will be my second year at NUDance. As performance secretary I will ensure that all new members, as well as those not part of our competition team, are able to be as involved as possible throughout the year. I am a friendly, inclusive and approachable individual so I’m sure all of our members would feel comfortable coming to chat to me about anything. My organised and outgoing personality means I have no issue with coordinating with different societies and groups of people in order to make our displays as fabulous as they should be!


  • Inclusivity : get as many people in the society involved, particularly those not on comp teams- advertise this at auditions
  • Keep involvement in Varsity events but make ourselves known earlier on in the year: organise a Fresher’s fair piece on all campuses
  • One main piece: choreographed and rehearsed since the beginning of the year and performed at all main events. Same piece ensures a high standard.

I would love to be NUDance’s performance secretary so that I can provide as many opportunities possible for our dancer’s to showcase the talent that they all possess!

2. Beth Fowler

Hi! My name is Beth and I’m currently in my first year studying English. I have really enjoyed being part of NuDance this year and I would love to be your Performance Secretary next year. Performing at competitions, as well as The Arts Ball has been one of my highlights and I would love to give everyone the same experience I have had performing on behalf of NuDance, not just for those on competition teams. I would like to encourage as many people as possible to get involved, as I believe this would make the society as a whole more inclusive, bringing the NuDance family closer together. As well as this, I would also like to give everyone the opportunity to choreograph and express their ideas, hopefully meaning that we could create a variety of different pieces across a wide range of styles to perform. Through working at my dance school at home and for Boots retailers, I have had to communicate with a variety of people and organise myself accordingly with deadlines. I feel confident that I would be able to communicate with other members of NuDance alongside external bodies to organise events and broaden the opportunities at Nudance!

3. Alice Pygram

I would be a great fit for the role of performance secretary because I am organised and committed to helping the dance society. Throughout my sixth form, I was dance captain and organized multiple competitions and ran rehearsals for girls lower down the school. For one specific charity competition, it was specified that money had to raised upon entering, therefore I organized within the space of two weeks a dance and music fundraiser, raising over £650 for the British Red Cross. This shows that I am no stranger to organizing and getting the job done under time pressured situations.  The role of performance secretary is a brilliant one as it makes sure that no one is left out of the society and everyone has equal opportunities to dance and perform at a variety of events throughout the year. As performance sec I would continue to encourage and allow all members of the society to partake in these performances so we can bond more and become a bigger united family. Across the year I have been part of four teams which shows my dedication. In conclusion I am excited and thankful to have the opportunities to support and promote NUDance.