Becki Angell

I’m Becki, currently one of your treasurers and a third year MSci Zoology student. I have been a member of NUDance since day one and would love the opportunity to take the lead as president and continue to make the society the best it can be for everyone. As a treasurer, I’ve had an insight into every role of every member of committee which means the transition from treasurer to president should be pretty smooth. I have taken most of the classes, and have seen them from both the perspective of a competition team member and a non-competitor. I therefore would like to increase inclusion and opportunity for non-team members, giving more performance prospects aside from the show, for example flash mobs or slots in the showcases of other societies. I would also like to build on the sponsorship deal which has recently been established to greatly boost the society’s profile and will hopefully become a long-term relationship. This would mean that we could reduce the costs which we currently have to pass on to members, like costume and competition fees. From being a member of other societies I have picked up some other tips, including a suggestion box for members to share new ideas, anonymously if they wish. We have also had two successful collaborations with Musicality and LBSS which is a relationship I would like to continue. This year Ellie and I looked into card payment and a reduction of cash in paying for classes which is something I would like to continue to explore in the coming year. In short, I would like to continue this year’s unprecedented success and the hard work and achievement of the current committee; Lotty’s are certainly big shoes to fill!



Ellie Pettitt

I’m Ellie and I’m a 2nd year medic and I’m applying to be your Vice President for next year! Being Treasurer this year has been a pleasure and has opened my eyes to how this amazing society is run and how all the committee members interact and their roles overlap. Being there outside classes answering your questions has given me some ideas of things I’d like to do if I were Vice Pres to make life easier and more inclusive for everyone coming to classes, especially for those who haven’t come to classes before – as we’ve all been there at some stage and know how it feels! Welfare is something I’m really passionate about and is an important part of the role and I’d welcome absolutely anyone with an open mind and open heart who came to me with any questions, worries or problems, no matter how big or ‘small’ they are. I’ve got some new ideas for charity initiatives focussed around dance, for example a sponsored NUDance-a-thon, and having a chosen “Charity of the month” to be able to support charities that may be particularly close to some people’s hearts. Leadership and teamwork come quite naturally to me, and I feel I’d be able to support the President and rest of committee whenever and wherever needed; I’m always happy to help! So, all in all, it would be a pleasure to be your Vice Pres for the coming year. 



Zoe Whaile

Hi NUDancers, I’m Zoe and I’m a second year Management student! I would love to be one of the Treasurers for Nottingham University’s best society (who would deny it???) because I want to be even more involved, spend my spare time at uni doing something productive, and more boringly, because the tasks required in the role would be really useful experience for me to talk about in interviews for the finance jobs I hope to apply for (small bonus!). I think I would make a great Treasurer because (as I’m sure most of you have figured out) I am a very chatty and smiley person so would boost your mood at the door ready for your classes, to balance out the sadness of giving us all your money!! I also come to dance every day so as well as already being there, I am really organised, so I would always be on top of all the other payment admin behind the scenes, too. I am already committed to the society and have always loved to go to dance as an escape from studying so I pledge to you that I’ll do the best job I can.

Joanna White

Hiya, so in case you don’t already know my name is Jojo and I am applying to be a treasurer next year for you lovely lot?? I have been part of the dance society for two years and this year was lucky enough to be able to compete with the wildcard team at competitions which was amazing however I would love to be even more involved in the society by being part of the committee. I believe that I would be a good person for this role as I feel I am approachable and welcoming whilst also being organised and responsible (something which is kind of key if you’re dealing with dollar). Having been a part of the society for a couple of years I also feel I would be able to answer most questions people may have on arrival. I would also love to try some new classes next year and I feel that being treasurer would be a perfect opportunity for me to do this ?? Finally, I also feel that I would be able to work well with other people, something which is important when the role is shared between two ?? x

Brogan Richards

I’m at the studio every day that classes are held and always there way to early before classes start so turning up to all the classes would be no issue for me with this role. I spend way too much of my day talking to people and love to talk to as many people as possible so being a friendly face at the start of classes isn’t a problem at all for me. My course has made me super organised and given me really good communication skills through having to constantly email academics about a whole load of different things. I can also say that I am great with money and am great with budgeting and setting aside money for specific events/costs. I love to work in a team and so whoever the other treasurer may be I would willingly work close with them to make sure everything is handled smoothly and like efficiently to make the life for everyone so much easier.

Emelia Cole

Hi, my name is Emelia and I am a first year studying Chemical Engineering here at Nottingham.  Since October 2017, I have been a member of the Ballet Competition Team and have loved every second!  The classes are fun and very helpful, rehearsals are challenging and I have been blown away by the incredible team spirit that NUDance has!  It is for these reasons that I would like to contribute even more to this society by becoming a treasurer.  When attending classes, I like to be punctual and definitely had to be organised when it came to the competition.  Through working at a chip shop for three years, I have experience in handling money and keeping on top of prices. In addition, I worked as a sports instructor for younger children and volunteered at my old dance school to help to teach the ballet lessons.  This required commitment, responsibility and for me to be approachable.  Being a treasurer would be a new and exciting experience for me; I enjoy facing new challenges.  Next year, I also hope to join more classes so will be able to meet and get to know even more people who share my passion for dance.



Brogan Richards

I’m a highly organised and prepared individual who hates leaving things till last minute and has everything always planned out and as this role involves sending the weekly email and keeping things organised I feel like I would be great at doing this role. I also love to keep up to date with everything going on in everyone’s lives and of course the NU Dance social media and events/socials. Because of this slight social media addiction, I feel that keeping up to date and being a friendly face to answer any questions on social media Is something I am perfectly suited to be doing. One of the things I have found coming to dance is that emails are usually sent quite late on a Sunday night and so people may miss or not see the emails until Monday and so I think it would be a better idea to send the emails either earlier or to set them as high priority when sending them to make sure people are more likely to get the emails and see them. I also love helping people out at odd jobs and so happy to help any members of the committee to fulfil their roles.

Abigail Fallows

My name is Abi Fallows and I’m currently in my 3nd year studying Biochemistry and Genetics. I will be staying on next year however to do my masters (I’m also not ready to leave dance yet!). I have been a member of NUDance for my whole time at the university. Each year I have been a part of the tap team, but you may also know me as the current general secretary. I believe I would be good in this role for another year as I am extremely organised (I love making lists) and approachable. I am very good at checking my emails frequently and have a good understanding of the general running of the society meaning I can help other members of committee if and when they need. I have a few new ideas for next year which I’ll go through at the AGM. I would love to be a part of the committee again this year, it really is the best society at the uni.

NUDance love xxxx

Carys Williams

Hi, I’m Carys and I’m a first-year geography student! I have danced all my life and love performing. I am a commercial dancer and have been lucky enough to be a part of the amazing Wildcard team this year. I am a very organised person and am active with all forms of social media. I am approachable and friendly and would be keen to help with any questions new and existing students would have regarding timetabling and general society information and events next year. This year, I have found the Facebook group and timetables easy to access and receiving the weekly newsletters from the outset of joining the society really encouraged me to participate in NuDance as a first-year student! NuDance is such an enjoyable, welcoming society to be a part of and for this reason I would love to apply to take on the role of General Secretary next year, so I can help to provide the same fun and exciting environment for next year’s freshers and the society as a whole!

Mariya Green

I am very excited to join the amazing NUDance committee and apply for a role of the General Secretary. I am second year Politics and International Relations student, on my semester abroad in China right now. I am a very organised person and am able to take on board a lot of tasks at the same time. Therefore, I will make sure that all posts about the weekly timetable and events are scheduled and have all the necessary information and are released on time. Especially I would like to make sure there is a more detailed information provided for the new members, who wish to join NUDance, as I know from my own experience it can be challenging to get hold of all the information when you are just joining a new team. I can definitely promise I am a very approachable person online, my phone never leaves my hands (to post all those insta stories ;) ) therefore, I will be always ready to answer any inquiries or provide guidance/help. Vote to Mariya!!

Chi Leung

I’m a first-year undergraduate from Hong Kong and I would love to apply for this year’s General Secretary position. I have had the opportunity to participate in different types committees during secondary school. However, I have never been in a committee involving something I do as a hobby, which is dance. Although I may be inexperienced or lacking in certain areas, I’m willing to learn from other members of the committee and strive to improve. I would like to use this opportunity to enjoy my university life and make friends with members of the society. I believe I have good communication skills and I think this is something I can bring to the committee.

I hope being in this committee will let me share my creativity, ideas and contribute to the NUDance team.

Hannah Mehew

Hello, I’m Hannah and I’m running for General Sec. For those of you who may not know, I am the one in the red dress in the ballet comp piece! … and in my normal life, a second year Psychology student. I would really love to be part of next year’s NUDance committee. I’ve been part of NUDance for almost two years now and would love to give something back to the society that has enabled me to continue to do so much of what I have been passionate about for like my ENTIRE life. I want to be your new Gen Sec because I believe that I have impeccable organisation and planning skills. People would describe me as diligent and a perfectionist, so if you elect me as your Gen Sec, you would be sure to have smooth and efficient running of all timetabling. I like to think of myself as personable and approachable, so all will feel comfortable coming to me with any questions they may have. I’m a very helpful person so every member of the committee would benefit from my role. Ultimately, it would be such a privilege to assist the running of a society with so much sass, status, moral and trophies of course… I would be delighted to have the chance to be part of the team leading such a rewarding and inspiring society!



Eleonore Batteux

I’m Eleonore (or Ellie number 5) and I’m a PhD student in Psychology. I have been involved with NUDance for 6 years now, so needless to say that I am a committed society member. I am indeed proud to have been awarded the prestigious NUDance senior citizen award for all my efforts! After all this time I thought I ought to give something back to the society and am therefore putting myself forward for the role of competition sec.

Competitions are one of the most exciting parts of the NUDance journey and I would love to ensure that that continues to be the case. I have plenty of experience competing with several teams so I know what the process entails. Organisation, communication and team-work are crucial aspects of my university work and I can assure you that I will put these skills into action for all you fabulous dancers. I promise you to work hard to make these competitions as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, and of course continue our winning streak!

Please let me contribute to making my last year with NUDance a fantastic year!



Sam Evans

Hello everyone, my name is Sam Evans and I’m a second year Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience student, hoping to be your show secretary for next year.

I am hoping to bring my knowledge of the theatre to help NUDance continue to put on amazing shows. I have worked (and currently still work) for two separate theatre companies, so I know what it means to take a show from concept to completion. I will aim to work in conjunction with the other members of the committee and the teachers to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

My main aim is to keep the standard of our shows high through an exciting theme and excellent dances. I also hope to tackle some issues that we face during show season as dancers, such as quick changes. I believe that my experience and creativity will allow me to continue our record of fantastic shows that will showcase the amazing talent we have.

Thank you.

Holly Botterill

Hey! I’m Holly, a second year International Management student and I’m running for Show Sec. Some of you probably don’t recognise me because I’m currently on my year abroad in Canada at McGill University, which is an amazing but very cold experience.

Being on committee in my final year would be the best way to end my university experience and my time with NUDance - first year was not enough! Show Sec would be a great break from the pressures of third year, and I would love to do something more creative than my usual management assignments in the environment that I have grown up in and love.

It would play to my strengths of organisation, coordination and communication (thanks to my management degree), and I would be determined to produce a stellar show. It would be a fun and exciting challenge, and the opportunity to get to know everyone in the society and show off their talents is something I would enjoy! A bonus would be the skills, confidence and friendships I’d develop along the way.

As Show Sec, I would strive to create opportunities for anyone to showcase their talents in a fun and supportive environment and would give everyone the chance to collaborate and get involved. I’ve been dancing at McGill too, and getting an insight into their shows has given me plenty of ideas.

I’ve been in so many dance shows and after 19 years this will be my last. Being responsible for it and seeing it materialise would be an incredible way to end my dance life and time at Nottingham, so I really hope you consider me for Show Sec.

Denis Lelin

Hey everyone, I am Denis, and I would love to be the new NUDance Show Sec. for several reasons.

First of all, I started dancing when I was only 2 years old and it instantly became my passion, so by the age of 6, I would train every single day for at least 4 hours per day. Therefore, the amount of shows that I have seen or participated in is even hard to estimate. I believe that such a long dancing journey enables me to have the necessary vision for organising the NUDance annual show. Secondly, although I am only a fresher, I was honoured to become a part of the Wildcard Team and the society as a whole; even in my first year I can surely say that I fully feel like a member of the NUDance family. Those of you who know me might have noticed that I am creative and always open for any suggestions and ideas. You can be sure that if Denis is to be a Show Sec., he will give you the SHOW!

Lastly, I will engage with the role on a personal level, because I genuinely look up to the current Show Sec. Rachel, both as a dancer and as a person! Although it’s upsetting that Rachel won’t continue her duties of the Show Sec. next year, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! <3

Hence, I believe I will be a suitable candidate for the role and if you agree, vote for me!

Yemisi Windapo

Being a part of NUDance this year has helped me to rediscover some obvious truths about dance in general; it’s a sport just as demanding as rugby, a form of escapism from life, and the best way to stay fit. And this truth becomes apparent with any type of show, where people get to showcase what they’ve sacrificed and achieved, in the form of dance.

Having said that, being a part of NUDance has been one of the BEST things I have done this year, and I have really enjoyed meeting amazing people of diverse dance backgrounds, as well as constantly challenging myself with different choreographies and dance techniques.

Being a part of previous dance shows in secondary school, as a student and a Dance Official, I truly understand the hard work and dedication that goes into organising a show and the importance of small details. I have experienced the challenges of deciding on lighting, adapting the running order to suit various dancers, and remembering or choreographing dance pieces, all whilst balancing other pressures.

As Show Secretary, I will work hard to not only boast the vibrant spirit of NUDance, but to also show other styles of dance that may not be heavily advertised in the society, with the intention to truly reflect the rich diversity of dance at UoN. In addition, I plan to use some existing ideas for next year’s dance show to excite the dancers, from the theme to the use of media.

Once again, I understand the hard work and commitment required as Show Secretary for NUDance, but I am more drawn to the creative journey and the outcome of the show



Ellie Bonwick

Hi! I’m Ellie, a first-year architect and would love to be the publicity sec for the NU Dance committee next year. To be a successful society, people must know about us and what we do! Having a recognisable, stand-out branding is an important factor to encouraging new members and getting ourselves noticed whether that be in bold stash designs or vivid posters. This involves a great deal of creativity; through studying architecture for a year already I have learnt great skills in embarking on new innovative designs but also working amongst a group of people to perfect these ideas and being open to change and new input. Working alongside other members of the committee is important for this role as publicity helps to advertise all parts of the society from social nights to representing the uni at a competition with stash, I believe I am approachable and a good listener which would help with this aspect. To this role, I could bring a creative and ambitious mind-set for new ideas which fit the needs for the society. In addition to this I have strong time- management skills and have learnt through the first year of my degree especially that organisation and timing is key as design and creativity is a long process which I would be prepared to commit to. Although I know this role would challenge me, the excitement of seeing poster designs around the campus buildings and stash worn by society members would be rewarding to me. Being part of this society has been the highlight of first year for me as I have felt so welcome and being part of the NU Dance committee would be even better!

Elizabeth Wright

Hi everyone! I’m Lizzie, a first-year politics student who would love to be your Publicity Secretary next year.

Why I would like this role:

Since starting at university, NuDance has become a huge part of my life here. It would be such a privilege for me to have a role on the committee to be able to contribute to a society that has already grown so close to my heart, thanks mostly to the incredible people involved, especially in my much-loved Wildcard team. For these reasons, I would love to promote and publicise all that Nottingham’s best society has to offer!

Why I would be good at this role:

  • I am an open-minded, creative person with a love for collaborating with others to achieve something great
  • As stash is a massive part of this role, my interest in style will come in useful, along with most importantly the willingness to take on the requests of members of the society
  • I endeavour to be a fun, approachable person; key to any role on any committee
  • I have shown commitment to NuDance in my short time here both on the Wildcard team and attending a variety of classes, and feel prepared to commit to a further element of responsibility

What I would do in this role:

  • A new promo video: NuDance has a lot to show off about! For this reason, I would love to create a new promotional video. Some of my initial ideas for this include: clips from classes, clips of members outlining why they love NuDance, graphics that show off our incredible competition titles, clips of socials.
  • Publicity through social media: I would like to work with other committee members to increase, where possible, the clips of classes across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, accompanied with captions detailing when and where the classes take place. This is especially important at the beginning of term and in refreshers in order to encourage people to take part in our incredible classes and show off NuDance talent!
  • Stash: Having spoken to people already, I would be very interested to looking into sweatshirts, having the NuDance logo on crop tops and fleeces, as well as the possibility of having NuDance water bottles, resembling many found in sports teams.
  • Be a fun, friendly member of the team representing the amazing NuDance!

Mariya Green

I would like to apply for the role of the Publicity Secretary and become a member of the amazing NUDance committee. I am a second year Politics and International Relations, on my semester abroad in China right now. I am a very outgoing and friendly individual, which would be helpful when trying to promote NUDance and show it in the best light possible. I have enjoyed my experience being on the teams, especially preparing and participating in the competitions. I have been very welcomed as a fresher on the teams last year, therefore I would like new people to also enjoy being part of NUDance and have the time of their life. I remember being the only fresher on the contemporary team, not knowing anyone but the NUDance members were very friendly and welcoming, and integrated me into the team so quickly! Therefore, I would like to continue this ethos and provide a similar experience to the new members. I am a massive fan of out dance society and everyone involved, I will do my best to publicise the NUDance in order to bring more new members. Having had internship in the several companies as a Social Media and PR impact, I have had experience in creating catchy posters and leaflets to promote events and news, which Is very valuable for this position. Moreover, I am a very creative person in terms of fashion and style (you’d know from my outfits ;) ) and I have a great passion for it, therefore will offer outstanding ideas for next year’s stash and make sure all our lovely teams look JUST STUNNING! Vote for Mariya! Whoop whoop!



Holly Botterill

Hey! I’m Holly, a second year International Management student and I’m running for Costume Sec. Some of you probably don’t recognise me because I’m currently on my year abroad in Canada, which is an amazing but very cold experience.

I would love to end my time at Nottingham and with NUDance as part of the committee, I think it would be such a fun experience and would give me the chance to get to know so many more members of the society.

I’m a firm believer that a costume can be the difference between a good and an outstanding dance. Being one of the people responsible for making teachers’ ideas come to life and dressing everyone for competitions and shows is something I’m really excited about. One of my favourite things about performing is getting into character, so I’d love to be able to see other people do this in costumes that I have been part of creating.

I’d like to think that I’m pretty creative in terms of textiles, and I have experience with a sewing machine and needle and thread! I’m also proud of my ability to scour the internet for cheap deals on clothes, and my management background has taught me how to bargain for better prices. The role would definitely help me develop and enhance skills such time management, determination and keeping calm under pressure.

This is my final year and probably the end of my dance life, so being able to be an integral part of the society and having part of me onstage would be amazing. I really hope you consider me as one of your Costume Secs.

Alice Dalby

Hello all, I’m Alice Dalby, one of your current costume sec’s this year! Hopefully you all loved the job Hannah and I did this year and would like to see it again! I would like to be costume sec again next year as I really enjoyed all the making and gather of costumes for you all! And I’d like to think Hannah and I nailed it!  I’m an efficient worker that isn’t scared by a big task! (Dat backdrop tho). Also due to my experience this year, if I am chosen again, I will be ready from the get go! And will be able to easily help whoever else is chosen for the role! My overdraft is ready for another years savagery! I really hope you consider me for this role again this year! If you have any questions please message me!

Thank you for reading, 

From, the queen of craft 




Denis Lelin

Hello everyone, my name is Denis and I am a first-year politics student, who quite recently joined NUDance. Although I am new to the society I feel like an inalienable part of the NUDance family! I believe that I will be a fab Social Sec for lots of different reasons:

First of all, I am very sociable, open, and an outgoing person and I have already managed to get to know quite a few of you! I am also easily approachable and always willing to hear others’ suggestions. Also, I am currently the Activity Rep of Southwell Hall, which means that I am experienced in organising events inclusive for everyone as well as I know the drill regarding the formalities (e. g. informing a club or other venue about the social). That also means that I already have some helpful contacts of various club promoters etc.

Lastly, I will live in a house next year right outside the University Park Campus and we can have the wildest pres or other gatherings there, woohoo!!!

Now go ahead and vote for me! <3

Ellie Bonwick

Hi! I’m Ellie, an architecture student going into 2nd year. Being social sec would be an ideal role for me within the dance committee firstly since I love a partayyyyy but also because meeting new people and integrating within the society is important to me. Throughout first year so far, I have got to know all the best clubs and bars in Nottingham to bust out new moves and have also discovered other fun social places to hold new events which I would be keen to introduce into social events for this society next year. As a fresher, it can be intimidating and daunting to immerse yourself within socials, so it would be important to me to ensure that not only current members of NU Dance, but also new incoming members feel welcome and excited by events being held, I am an approachable person who would be welcoming to all. Not only would it be essential to have fresher’s socials and other annual events like Halloween, I would also be interested to hear suggestions from members of the society to understand the best ways to integrate people and ensure that we all walk away saying we have met new people and had fun! I would encourage a monthly social event, whether that be a more casual sober social to meet fellow dancers or a classic cheesy night out at ocean; in addition, I would love to introduce some themed fancy dress nights and some more house parties for those who don’t enjoy going out. I know that this year I have made lots of new friends at socials, some of which I remember more than others, and certainly had a great time thanks to Emma and would hope that I could give people a similar experience at events also which is why I would love to be your new social sec for next years committee for this amazing society!



Elizabeth Wright

Hello NuDance! I’m Lizzie, a first-year politics student here at UON and I would love to be considered for your Performance Secretary next year.

Why I would like this role:

I would absolutely love this position on the committee for a society that has become so important to me in my first year here at Nottingham. NuDance has so much to offer, so it would be a pleasure to enable our dancers, particularly those who perhaps don’t get the chance in the competition teams, to show this off at events university wide and take advantage of all the incredible talent!

Why I would be good at this role:

  • Every dancer loves to have a chance to perform where and when the opportunity arises. I believe that my communication skills and perseverance would ensure that we are able to take these opportunities where possible in our already busy dancing schedules, whether that be for Freshers, Varsity, charity events and more!
  • I have shown commitment to NuDance in my short time here and have met tonnes of lovely people both in the Wildcard team and at a variety of classes. I would love to continue this into a role on the committee that would require organisation, people management and responding promptly to emails and requests of performance opportunities. These are all skills and tasks that I am confident that hard work and time management ensure I can carry out efficiently for everyone at NuDance.
  • Most importantly though, I endeavour to be a fun, friendly face who is easy to work with and so am well suited to working and collaborating in a team. After all, that is why we are all a part of NuDance and love it so much!

Hayley Goddard

Hi, I'm Hayley and I'm running for Performance Sec for the NUDance Committee 18/19. I've been dancing since I was 4 at my local dance school where I regularly took exams and performed in our biennial show. As a fresher, I've been lucky enough to be part of the competitive Jazz Team as well as attending other classes. It has been so much fun and has taken me out of my comfort zone.

I would love to be Performance Sec as I believe that you can never dance in front of an audience too much- after all the buzz you get from being on stage is like no other. The competition teams have many opportunities to show off their hard work, especially as Tabby has organised extra performances such as the Jazz Team dancing at the annual Her Campus Fashion Show. I would like to see those that aren't in the competition teams get to perform in more than just the show. A flash mob on campus containing short pieces from each class could be a great way to get all members involved and show what fantastic talent NUDance has to the rest of our university. I feel my communication and organisational skills are good enough to ensure everyone is dancing as much as they can.

Thanks for reading my manifesto

NUDance love x



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