Year 4

Hey everyone, I'm Becki a fourth year MSci Zoology student and to my pleasure your president for this year! I've had the joy of being a part of (the best society) NUDance for three years now and I can't wait to lead and put my stamp on it in my final fourth.

My role is to oversee the committee and ensure everyone is fulfilling their role. We will work together to make NUDance the best it can possibly be for everyone! We're all here for you guys, so if you ever want to chat or talk ideas please don't hesitate to let me know in person, on facebook or by email (mbyrja).

I am so, so excited to meet you if you're new, or see you again if you're returning! Keep a look out for the committee and on all of our social media to stay in the loop as our plans and the year unfolds. Let's make it an amazing one!

NUDance Love xxx

Vice President



Year 3

Hello lovely NUDancers old and new!

I’m Ellie (Pettitt) and I’m lucky enough to be the Vice President for the worlds best society this year, and part of the dream team with Becki! The best thing about my time at uni has been this society and having the opportunity to carry on my passion of dancing and performing, and meeting such wonderful, kind friends whilst doing that!

As Vice President, my main roles will include overseeing the welfare of the society members, taking care of the social media, organising alumni and charity events throughout the year, as well as helping out with the general smooth running of the society!

If you have any queries please never hesitate to contact me on Facebook or via email ( and looking forward to seeing all your lovely faces at classes this year!

Follow us on social media to keep updated!

Join the Facebook group: NUDance

Instagram: nudance_

Big hugs and love xxxx




Year 3

Hiya, I’m Jojo a third year pharmacy student and I’m one of the treasurers for this year! As treasurer I’ll be collecting money before classes and making sure we have enough to help pay for all the wonderful costumes, competitions and socials throughout the year! Between us me and emelia will be outside every class so if you ever have any questions or simply want to come and say hi then please do! Membership this year is £10 and all classes are £3 for members and £4 for non members. I’m super excited to see all your lovely faces this year new and old, hopefully we can have another amazingly successful year together! Feel free to email me on, I’m always happy to help answer any questions about dance, uni or just life in general! 



Chemical Engineering

Year 2

Hello!  My name is Emelia and I am going to be one of your treasurers this year which means you will see me around classes quite a lot.  This is my second year of studying Chemical Engineering at Nottingham.  I joined NUDance last year and was successful in getting onto the ballet team.  Everyone was incredibly welcoming and really helped me to settle into my first year of university!  NUDance is a wonderful way to get to know new people and develop your dancing!  My favourite style of dance is ballet as I’ve done it continuously since I was 3, while I’ve started and stopped other styles.  My most embarrassing stage moment was probably when I didn’t change into my pointe shoes in time, so had to run across the middle of the stage to get to my place in the front. Not ideal!!!!  I hope everyone enjoys this year at NUDance and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! (enyerc) I’m super excited to see all the old and new faces and cannot wait for another brilliant year xx

General Sec.



Biochemistry and Genetics

Year 4

Hi! I’m Abi and I’m in my fourth year studying Biochemistry and Genetics. More importantly, this year I will be your General Secretary.

My main role is to organise and send out the weekly timetables so as many of you as possible get to join in our amazing classes. I will also be there to answer any questions either during class, on the Facebook page or via email (mbyamf)/messenger. Whether its wanting to know about class times, events or just anything NuDance related, I’m your girl.

I look forward to seeing you at classes this year and getting to know you all!

Publicity Sec.



Year 2

Hi everyone! I’m Lizzie, a second-year politics student and your publicity secretary this year. My role includes creating the flyers, posters, media content and more in order to make sure our amazing society gets as much exposure as possible, in a fun and eye-catching way! I am also responsible for the all-important stash this year, so I will be working hard to ensure that we are all decked out and looking and feeling the part! I am so excited to meet all the new additions to NUDance and becoming friends with everyone, and if you have any questions or concerns about anything then hit me up on Facebook, email (ldyepw) or in class.  See you all soon!

Competitions Sec.


Psychology PhD

Year 3

Hi all! My name is Eleonore and I am coming to the end of my PhD in Psychology. This means that this is my final year of seven with NUDance, which makes me very sad, but I am looking forward to pouring the last of my dedication into the role of competition sec! My task essentially comprises in getting all our fabulous teams to the competitions and making sure everything goes to plan. They are such a great experience and I encourage everyone to showcase their talent at our auditions. Come to me with any questions and keep your eyes peeled for further info. Can’t wait to see what NUDance gets up to this year!


Social Sec.



Year 2

Hey I’m Ellie, a second year architect and most importantly this years new SOCIAL SEC!! I cannot wait to plan so many exciting events for the year for you all and ensure we all become best friends. This year should be incredible with new classes, new competitions and new socials. My main role is to plan socials that everyone feels welcome at, these will vary from pizza parties to club nights (where the serious dance moves commence). Of course if you have any suggestions or new ideas just let me know (layemb).

NU Dance was the highlight of my first year as we smashed comps, learnt new styles and put on an amazing show and I can’t wait to share this with you soon!xxx

Show Sec.


Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE)

Year 2

Hey peoples, I’m Yemisi Windapo, and as the Show Sec, it’s my responsibility to organise the annual NUDance show that will happen in April. This show will be held at Nottingham Arts Theatre, and will be one for the books! I’m so excited to see the show come together, in the form of meeting everyone from different walks of life, each with something unique to bring to the table. This year will be so much fun, and if you have any questions about the show, or if you just wanna chill, then I’m your girl. PEACE X


Performance Sec.



Year 2

Hi, I'm Hayley! I am Performance Sec this year for NUDance and I'm in my second year studying Physiotherapy. I have danced since I was little but NUDance has given me the opportunity to try new styles and compete for the first time last year in my favourite style Jazz.

My role of Performance Sec involves organising performances that don’t include comps or the show. This could be for Varsity, charities, society balls, Student Union events etc, essentially as much as we can squeeze in around our studies. Drop me an email (msyhg) if you have any other opportunities for us to dance!

I can't wait to get more involved with NUDance and meet more amazing friends through our wonderful society! X

Costume Secs.



Year 3

Hey! My name is Hannah, I’m a third year psychology student and part of your duo of costume secs for this year. I am beyond excited to start transforming each and every dancer and have everyone feeling comfortable and looking amazing at comps and at our annual show. My past two years at NUDance have brought me nothing but happiness and confidence, and I want to make sure every dancer involved feels the same way! I can’t wait to get started and take on this role! NUDance love xxx





Year 4

Hello, I am Alice Dalby and I am one of the costume secs for a second year.

I am a fourth year Neuroscience student studying a masters, you’ll recognise me as one of the fringes (Fringe #2).

I have danced since I was 4 years old and love to compete in competitions and festivals. Contemporary and lyrical jazz have always been my favourite styles to perform as I love a sad song.

From my past years of dancing, I’ve learnt that you are your harshest critique, and that at times dance can be tough mentally, so I’ve learnt to push myself hard for the recognition of my strengths and keep breaking through any limitations I may come across and keep supporting everyone else to break through theirs. My favourite moves are knee drops, box jumps and calypso jumps, I also love some leggy tricks.

As one of the costume secs,

I’m unbelievably ready to costume all of the teams/show teams this year and make everyone look stunning (again??) WOOP, can’t wait to see what the teachers challenge us with!

I can’t wait to meet all of the freshers and reunite, I look forward to a year of awesome costumes with the lovely Hannah Mehew. 

To anyone new to the society reading this, NUDance will easily become your best part of university, and you’ll be warmly welcomed into the family. If you have any worries or questions about NUdance or costumes, please come and see me in class, email (mbyad4) or on Facebook!

Thank you for taking the time to read my waffle,

Alice x



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Dance NU Dance Boat Party - Rumble in the Jungle
10th June 7pm - 11:30pm
100 Racecourse Rd Colwick, Nottingham, NG2 4RF
To end the year at NU Dance and all our amazing successes, we will be having one final social on the 10th June with the theme RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE. All information can be found on the Facebook event on the NU Dance Facebook page.


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