Below you will find all the manifestos for everyone running at the AGM this year!
The AGM is being held THIS Wednesday 29th March at 6:30 pm in the Performing Arts Studio, Trent Building, so please attend if you want to vote for who your next committee will be!

Vice President

1) Ellie Barrett

Hiya, I’m Ellie Barrett, a 2nd year physiotherapy student, and would love to change roles from agony aunt in the crisis toilets to being involved in the support system of NUDance as Vice President! I like to think I’m an approachable, friendly person whether that is being there for someone to rant too, encouraging supportive conversations around mental health or having the facilities to refer onto a higher qualified set of ears I am passionate about wellbeing and would love a chance to spread this throughout NUDance! I am looking to try a new challenge and get NUDance more involved in raising money for charity for a start. We’re such a positive and enthusiastic bunch I’m sure we can use this to help others! I have a few ideas for charity events so make sure to come to the AGM where all will be revealed! One of the reasons a family system didn’t work out last year was due to the lack of freshers, mainly out of our control, but it got me thinking that scouting talent at dance competitions would be great to maintain our incredibly high standard here at NUDance. Being on committee currently I have a good grounding of all roles including the tasks of a president, so would love to be the committee rock, holding us together when the SU throw their usual nonsense at us. (hope the su can’t see this?!) 

So... #voteEllieBforViceP #Barrett4NUDanceRock. Thank you. 



1) Ellie Sothcott

Hi everyone! Most of you will know me, I’m Ellie, one of the current treasurers on the committee. For next year I have decided to run for president! It would be an absolute honour to lead our incredibly talented dance family (we are more than just a society hehe)

so I hope you can take the time to read this brief outline of why I think I would make a good president and what kind of actions I would initiate.

(Some) New Initiatives

If I were president I would push to increase inclusivity within the society, for example working with the teachers to tailor the first few classes of the year to be welcoming to new NUDancers, helping them get to know the older members of the society and not feel intimidated. I’d also be interested in reaching out to the other dance societies (LBSS, Bellysoc, Pole etc) to suggest an inter-dance societies workshop week in autumn term, to held build ties with the other societies and spread the dance love <3

Sports question:

I intend to look into the possibilities of hiring the dance studios in the Sports centre for some of next year’s classes especially if room bookings in Portland prove difficult again. I also feel it will be important that as a society we maintain and build on our relationship with the sports centre, promoting any performances we do at sports events.


I would be keen to re-introduce a limbering/technique class open to all, but targeted at comp team members who are only on one team, to help everyone stay on top of their training throughout the year! I also think it’s very important to promote team bonding as much as possible in the week following auditions, so will encourage team captains to organise meals or mini-socials as soon as the teams are formed.


I’d love to set up a one-off creative weekend workshop with one of our teachers specifically for our NUDancers partaking in the show but not on comp teams, as a way to encourage more student choreographed small group pieces in our annual show, again this is a drive towards greater inclusivity, making sure we can truly showcase everyone’s talents!

If you’re interested in hearing more of my ideas (this barely scratched the surface aha!) and want to gain a better understanding about all the candidates running for committee next year, please please come along to the AGM on 29/03 in Trent!!

2) Lotty Coupat

My name is Lotty Coupat and I would love to be your next NUDance President. This year, I was a Treasurer for the society and I loved every second of the role, especially being able to meet such great people whilst doing what we love! Through the role of Treasurer, I have been able to liaise with every other position on the committee. If elected president this would be a key advantage when overseeing, helping and distributing the jobs out, as I would know who would be best for which task and how to help them. To be a good president you need to be highly organised as well as greatly committed to the society, and I believe that I have both of these qualities. This year, I have done an average of 8 hours a week of dance as well as kept up with my degree (and social life!), allowing me to build upon my previous organisation and time management skills. Naturally, if I was elected President I would cut down on some of my classes to make time for the extra admin and responsibilities that the job requires, but this would be an absolute pleasure to do, as being President of this wonderful society is such an honour. I have attended every teacher’s dance class this year and they, therefore know me on a more personal level rather than just ‘professional’. I believe that this would make liaising with them a lot easier and smoother. I am an open, friendly and bubbly person and find it easy to speak to anyone and I am happy to listen to anyone’s ideas on how to make the society better. I understand when to approach situations with seriousness as well as keeping cool under pressure and ensuring overall morale. I hope that my passion and ambition for this society has come across and I look forward to seeing you all at the AGM.

Treasurers (X2)

1) Rebecca Angell

To be a treasurer requires dedication, to be organised and enthusiastic which is why I, Becki Angell, would be right for the role. I am a second-year MSci zoology student who has been a member of NU Dance since day one. I currently attend classes on each night so the commitment of the role doesn’t faze me; I’ll just be around for longer! I believe I am friendly and approachable and I enjoy getting to know people so would love the chance to get to know everybody as they come to class, and be knowledgeable as the first point of call for any queries. I have thoroughly enjoyed my two years with NU Dance and can honestly say it has been the highlight of university so far! I was so proud to be a part of such a successful team that competed in Manchester and Loughborough. I have danced for many years, but nothing has come close to the standard and level of talent of NU Dance. I would relish the opportunity to become more involved and give something back to such an amazing, magical society and get to know more fantastic dancers in the coming year.


2) Ellie Pettitt

I feel I would enjoy the role of Treasurer, as I’ve always been very conscious of looking after my own money, which started from trading at Car Boot sales from a very young age. When organising my sixth form Leaver’s Ball, I was responsible for sending out invoices and receiving and cashing in payments, as well as assigning and controlling the budget for each component of the event. I have also been involved in budgeting and reimbursing items for school productions, and am used to dealing with customers’ money in my waitressing job. I therefore have experience in this area, and am always very organised and punctual. I’d look forward to working with another person as Treasurer, and as a part of NUDance, communicating and liaising with the other committee members and SU. I’d be a friendly face to welcome people to classes each week and would enjoy taking advantage of the opportunity of being at classes to try something new!


Social Sec.

1) Emma Warner

My name is Emma Warner and I am an economics student at the UK’s number one dance university!! I would love to be your social sec in my final year so I can have the opportunity to throw the most legendary of bashes and go out of NU Dance with a bang! Socials are the best events on the dance calendar in my humble opinion, and as someone who is always first in line for the most deadly of drinking games, I am the perfect candidate to deliver some unforgettable nights for you beautiful people. Whether you want to merely partake in a mingle and get to know people or completely lose your dignity in Ocean, I will be there for you every step of the journey making sure everyone has the best night possible. So please vote for me to be the next NU Dance social sec and continue the legacy of great socials.



Competition Sec.

1) Abi Rees

My name is Abigail Rees and I am a 2nd-year medic. This year I have been your gen sec and I hope that I have been a constant, smiling face around lessons. With all of the organisational and time management skills I have gained and improved as gen sec, I would love to be your competition sec. Competitions are such wonderful experiences and I want to be able to organise them so they are stress-free for you, the competitors, and lots of fun! I hope throughout my two years with NUDance that I have shown to be dependable, punctual and well organised which are all pivotal for being the competition sec. I feel confident in liaising with competition organisers to help us get the most out of competitions and would love to, next year, get everyone involved in deciding perhaps what other competitions we could attend and whether we should change some of our current competitions. I am confident that you can all rely on me to organise the competitions and auditions so they run seamlessly and are the most fun possible!


2) Alice Dalby

Hello NUDancers! I am Alice a second-year neuroscientist or otherwise known as the loud one that’s next to Sothcott.  I am applying for the role of Competition sec! This year will have been my second time competing with NUDance while being one four of this year’s teams, including wildcard/commercial, contemporary, ballet and jazz. Being part of the competition teams has been my favourite part of my experience with NUDance as I love seeing pieces of routines come together to produce an award-winning dance that’s finally performed on stage. I have been dancing since I was 3 and have been a competitive dancer since the age of 5 with my dance school back in little Bury St Edmunds so I'm pretty familiar with the process! I also take all of the classes at NUDance except tap and street, so I will be in the studio on each weekday for any questions or to go over any routines that anyone may be confused with. Not to mention, my ridiculous memory of routines which I don’t even get how it’s possible, but I'm very reliable when learning new routines to keep up with new choreography. I'm a determined hard worker and I feel I'm well approachable with any issues or questions the teams may have. As a vice captain of the wildcard and contemporary teams this year, while Tom was away on placement, I feel I have gotten a little ‘work experience’ in the role and will be well acquainted in taking a leading position if I was given the opportunity! If I was to be chosen as Comp sec, my aims for the year would be to strive for the best in every single team member and help them feel that with each year they are still learning and improving. Also, I would like to work on bringing the teams together and allowing us to become a larger stronger family. If you have any questions before the meeting then message me on Facebook as I'm never more than 5 minutes from my phone! Thank you for reading!


3) Emma Warner

Hi, my name is Emma Warner and I am running for competition sec 2017-18! I am going into my final year and have grown to love love love dance competitions. I was in the tap team in my first year and this year, tap and wildcard. I feel like I would be a great competition sec because I am very competitive but also very positive meaning I will drive everyone to win as I know we can do it, but will be massively supportive whatever the outcome. As I’m not in many teams I can dedicate a lot of my time to watching and critiquing the pieces and making sure everyone is as prepared as possible on the day. Competition days are all about having loads of fun and I will make sure everyone is having a great day. This year has been so amazing for the NU Dance competition teams and I think with my help and support we can do it all over again next year! So please vote for me to be your new comp sec.


Publicity Sec.

1) Rowena Dale

Hi Everyone! My name is Row and I am a second-year Geography with Business student and I would also love to be your publicity sec next year! Having thoroughly enjoyed the stash this year, being a proud owner of a crop top, trackies, hoodie, sweatshirt, leggings, shorts… I think that’s it! I would love to have the opportunity to design next year’s stash with just as much success. I am thinking new colours with a range of options to suit everyone, lycra style leggings and the option to personalise hoodies and t-shirts with your name or initials. I would really enjoy being creative to make NuDance stand out and let all dancers be proud to represent their society. I would also aim to make stash as accessible to everyone as possible, working with the treasurers to try and bring down costs. I would work hard to design posters, flyers and get the NuDance name out there in order to attract new members to join our huge, friendly family. Having previously designed tickets, posters and a staging backdrop for a dance show, I have a substantial understanding of Publisher and am not afraid to get glueing, sticking and painting. Please vote for me! Thank you!


2) Sophie Donnelly


Hi everyone, my name is Sophie and I am a second-year Physiotherapy student. This year I am on the Ballet team and have been doing Contemporary and Ballet classes.

Over the last 2 years I have found being part of NuDance society extremely enjoyable and joining it has been the best decision I have made since starting at Uni. I would love to be given the opportunity to be part of the amazing dance committee and the chance to take on the role as Publicity Secretary.

Creativity would definitely be a vital component of the position as Publicity Sec. I feel like I would be able to embrace this job as I am imaginative and resourceful and am always up for a challenge!  I would love the chance to design posters, leaflets and adverts promoting our annual show and the two wonderful competitions that the university competes in. For these I would eagerly advertise all over social media and all around the university including in the Portland and Trent buildings. I would be keen to publicise the dance taster week at the beginning of the academic year in student halls and all over campus, to give students the chance to audition for the incredible university dance teams.

I am very confident and outgoing would be highly motivated and enthusiastic to be active in approaching and seeking out new potential dancers to add to our fabulous society.

I love to be inventive and have already had some superb ideas for new dance gear for next year’s stash. At the top of the list would be leotards with our funky NuDance logo which would definitely be a great addition to our current kit. Other ideas include fancy water bottles with our logo on, as well as groovy NuDance bags and dance shoe bags to add to our merchandise.

I would love the opportunity to get more involved in NuDance starting in September as it is my last year at the Uni and would love to be considered for the role of Publicity Secretary and spread the word about the extraordinary dance society.

Thank you!


3) Hannah Mehew

Hello, my name is Hannah and I am running for next year’s Publicity Sec! I’m a first year Psychology student, but you probably know me better as the “Prima Ballerina” in the comp Wildcard piece. I’m putting myself forward for this role as despite having only been part of the society for less than a year, I already feel as if I’ve been welcomed into this weird and wonderful family of dance-fanatics! I absolutely loved going to the comps this year and this has made me a proud and dedicated member of NUDance. I would be great for this role as I’ve always loved drawing and in my spare time like to paint Disney characters- Stitch is my favourite!!! Having bought pretty much every item of stash, I couldn’t be more of a walking advertisement for the society. This is the best way to showcase every member’s dedication to NUDance and for that reason I would love to be responsible for designing the items that represent who we are as NUDancer’s. I would bring superfluous amounts of fun and creative ideas to the role of Publicity Sec on NUDance’s posters, banners and stash!


4) Zoe Tildesley

Hey, I’m Zoe, currently in my second year studying medicine and I would love to be voted as next year’s NUDance publicity sec. I would really enjoy bringing my imaginative and creative sparkle to the team and I’m so enthusiastic about designing the posters, flyers and stash for the society!

I’m super punctual and organised, and I will endeavour to persistently pester any companies that don’t send us our orders on time! Being a part of the NUDance family feels really special so I would love to give something back and I know I will have a lot of fun doing it.


Costume Secs. (X2)

1) Alice Dalby

Hello again! Alice here, a second-year neuroscientist and I'm applying for the role of costume sec! I have been dancing since I was 3 so I’ve gotten through my fair share of ballet shoes and leotards! As a competitive dancer, I’ve had countless costumes that I would sew endlessly the night before the competition and last minute strap breaks that would make Gok Van nervous. I am a well-experienced sewer and always have a sewing kit on hand. I’d like to think I have a fair sense of fashion, so I wouldn’t throw you out on stage in something ridiculous! I respond well to stressful situations and have a good sense of deadlines and time management. I will be in the studio on each of the weekdays for classes, so nearing the show and competitions, I will be available to adjust or fix any of the costumes. I'm always available on my phone for any questions and for quick communication on what to buy and what is needed. I have good communication with the teachers and believe I can help find the costumes they have envisioned for our pieces! Lastly, I'm a very positive person and appreciate that the costume helps make the dance complete so won’t be half-hearted in any of my choices! If you have any questions before the meeting then message me on Facebook as I'm never more than 5 minutes from my phone! Thank you for reading!


2) Mary Bennett

Hello! I’m Mary, a third year Spanish and Portuguese student, and I would like to be one of your costume secretaries next year. After getting involved in NUDance performances whenever I could last year, I would absolutely love to play an integral role in the running of the society in my final year, and I cannot think of a more exciting way than to contribute to the costumes and watch them come to life on stage, having witnessed this in countless shows over the years.

I have always been very creative (and I am competent at sewing) so I am confident that I would succeed at this role. I am organised and have good time management, as I spent my first two years at university balancing various different activities alongside my degree, such as musical theatre productions. I consider myself a good bargain hunter and am able to stick to a budget.

Importantly, I work very well with others, which I demonstrated on the Commercial Team last year, and in my role on Musicality’s Creative Committee, which involved liaising with other committee members and the performers, as well as good time management, in order to achieve great results in our showcase. Finally, as dance is my favourite thing ever I can guarantee you that I will put all of my effort into this role to make sure we put on some ever-amazing performances in the coming year!


3) Rowena Dale

Hi Everyone! My name is Row and I am a second-year Geography with Business student and I would love to be your costume sec next year! Having been at NuDance since first year I have to say it has been my highlight of being at Nottingham. Recently being given the opportunity to be in competition teams, I feel like I have become more and more involved with the society and want to continue on this way. I have an imaginative mind for costumes and would really enjoy working with the teachers and other committee to get the whole society looking ON FLEEK! Organising my secondary school dance show, I feel I have overcome some of the dilemmas a costume sec might face. The inner workings of eBay, rifling through costume cupboards and an excessive amount of DIY are all part of my achievements. I am not afraid to get busy with the sewing machine or get creative to meet the demands of two comps and a show. I would actually be really excited to spend my time shopping and creating for the benefit of the society (rather than do my degree ssh). Please vote for me! Thank you! 


4) Hannah Tang

? Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m a second year medic. I’ve had so much fun being on committee as one of your costume secs and would love the chance to do it again next year! I’ve learned a lot this year such as how to be decisive and realistic when it comes to ordering costumes, as well as the importance of getting started as early as possible to allow for long delivery times or any costume disasters. I’ve managed to balance being on 5 teams with the time consuming responsibilities of costume sec – going into town almost every weekend, spending hours browsing the internet, sewing and cutting and painting etc., and I hope I’ve shown my dedication and love for the society by dragging my suitcase and clothes rails all the way to College Street each week. It just makes me so proud to see the costumes on stage and to contribute to NUDance life!



General Sec.

1) Abi Rees

My name is Abigail Rees and I am a 2nd-year medic. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as general sec. this year, having learnt so much about how the society functions and the enthusiasm that we all have for this society. I would love to have the opportunity to continue my work as gen sec next year! I am very organised and punctual and can appreciate the importance of corresponding to emails as soon as possible and forwarding them on to different committee members. I hope that by being on 5 teams and committee that I have shown I am able to balance my time well and still give 100% to the society! I have also loved keeping you all up to date with the weekly newsletters which were sent out Sunday evenings without fail and answering your Facebook queries within 5 minutes (or so Facebook says)! I have such a passion for dance and being part of the dance society and I would love to continue to contribute to the society to make it the best it could possibly be!


2)Eloise Beeching

Hi I’m Eloise, a 22 year old, first year Physiotherapy Student.

Why Do I want this role?

This role gives me the chance to make the most of all the weird things I love to do – being extremely organised – writing lists, answering emails, writing Facebook posts. Everything that means mine and the rest of the NuDance family’s year and lives run smoothly.

I would love the chance to learn more about the society, timetabling and each committee role – basically everything that makes NuDance tick.

I would love the chance to make the AGM an even more exciting and key event that everyone looks forward to.

Why will I succeed?

I am extremely organised and punctual – meaning I will be on the ball whenever I’m needed, even if it is being annoyingly early to things or spamming everyone with Facebook posts.

I love writing things, so answering emails and writing the weekly newsletter will be really fun.

I’m very enthusiastic, hardworking and eager to learn all about the committee and the society

I’m a strong team player and understand how many people it takes to make NuDance run as smoothly and well as it does now.So I will be there to support the other committee members and the dancers in whatever they need to the best of my ability.

Lots of NuDance and Eloise love xxx


3)Abi Fallows



My name is Abi Fallows and I’m currently in my 2nd year studying Biochemistry and Genetics. I have been a member of NuDance for my whole time at the university. Both years I have been a part of the tap team in which we received two 2nd place and a 1st place trophy. The role I am applying for is general secretary. I believe I would succeed in this role as I am extremely organised (I love making lists) and approachable. I am very good at checking my emails frequently and believe that after two years I have a good idea of the running of the society and classes. Although I may not have attended such a variety of classes in the past, my timetable is more flexible in 3rd year so this job would be well suited to me. I would be able to put a lot of time into this specific role and also the society in general by helping out the rest of the committee whenever needed.


4) Ellie Pettitt

I’d love to be a member of the committee this year, and Gen Sec really stands out to me as a role I could successfully fulfil. I’m very organised, take an unusual sense of joy out of sending and replying to emails or messages, and above all would be very willing to help any other committee member in their role, or society member, whenever they should need me. I feel I would be a very approachable person to represent the society and would aim to make members aware that they can easily contact me at any time, whatever their problem or question may be – I love meeting new people and I’m always happy to help!

Previously, as Head Girl, I organised our sixth form Leavers’ Ball, which I enjoyed so much and found so rewarding. This meant liaising and meeting with many different people to arrange the event; from ordering and sending out invitations, to regular meetings with events organisers, as well as working with friends in my sixth form. I feel this demonstrates my communication and organisation skills, and I would really enjoy being able to contribute individually and work together as part of the NUDance committee. I feel so accepted into NUDance, even within the first 2 semesters here, and my experience so far would never have been anywhere near as enjoyable if it weren’t for you guys! I love a challenge and it would be such a pleasure to be Gen sec to represent NUDance and continue to provide this amazing experience to the new and current members!


Show Sec.

1) Sam Evans

Hello everyone, my name is Sam Evans and I’m a first-year Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience student. I’m hoping to be your show secretary for next year.

I grew up with theatre shows, whether it was dance performances or musicals and always enjoyed seeing them come to life. I am very thankful for those people who make performances like ours possible and I know it is not an easy job.

I am hoping to bring my knowledge of the theatre to help NUDance continue to put on amazing shows. I helped to direct and was stage-manager for all three of my school musical performances and continue to help my home theatre group put on their annual murder mystery show in the summer.

My main aim is to keep the standard of our shows high through an exciting theme and excellent dances while tackling some issues that we face during show season as dancers, such as quick changes.

Rachel has left some big shoes to fill after her amazing job with this year’s show but I believe I can follow in her footsteps and use my creativity and knowledge to make next year’s show just as good, if not better.

Thank you.


2) Rachel Onwude

Hi to anyone who's reading! If you don't know, I'm Rachel, this years Show Sec; surprisingly enough, I'm running for it again! I have loved working with everyone and getting to put on such a successful show which you may or may not have heard about (hehe so many Facebook posts). I think I can bring experience to this role for next year, I will be much more organised, can improve on my videos and storyline and maybe introduce a few new elements. I have already thought of a few new ideas which I can't wait to share with you on Wednesday at the AGM. I hope you've all rested from this amazingly busy and tiring weekend! 

Rach Xxxx


3) Eloise Beeching

Hi I’m Eloise, a 22 year, old first year Physiotherapy Student.

Why Do I want this role?

The theatre is my second home, I think I have spent more time in shows than I have anything else in my life… except maybe eating. So the thought of being able to create and organise a show which would bring everyone’s hard work together makes me really really excited.

I have been dabbling in the technical side of a show, with the lights/music/videos and would love to use these ideas to enhance our next show and try and make it even better.

I LOVE NuDance and the fact that the show allows everyone of all abilities and ages to get up there and shake their thing makes me so excited and inspired.

Why will I succeed?

I love being organised and co-ordinating things – seeing our creation blossom from just an idea all the way through to a fully fledge show.

I’m calm and resilient in a stressful situation, meaning I can work well under pressure – or limited space to extend our arms and legs

I’m a creative person and I have so many ideas for themes for a show

Other side of the Tracks, Dusk till Dawn, When you close your eyes

I have a bit of a quirky flair – if you couldn’t guess from my choice of trousers and leggings (I wold wear the gold jazz ones on a normal day) allowing me to create a show a little outside the box

I’m a strong team player, which has been enhanced by being in the competition teams and know how many people it takes to make a piece and a show come together and work

Lots of NuDance and Eloise Love xxx


Performance Sec.

1) Tabby McNulty-Skead


Hello my name is Tabby and I am currently in my third year studying geography. I would absolutely love to be your performance sec for next year as I am so passionate about NUDance and would love to get as many people involved and performing with the society as possible! I would be keen to continue our performances at the freshers fair, Unite the Scene, Varisty and balls throughout the year, as well as maintaining our relationship with UoN Sport and performing at their associated events. However, I also aim to look in to the possibility of holding performances at charity events, for example performing for residents at Maggies. I’d also like to collaborate with the other dance and performance societies even more and potentially create a charity evening with performances from a number of societies in the autumn term.

I think I would be good for this role as I now have an excellent knowledge of how the society runs and am incredibly organised. I feel I am friendly and approachable so would also be good at communicating and liaising with different members and societies involved in any performances.





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