Cypriot & Greek Society


Welcome to the University of Nottingham! Welcome to the Cypriot & Greek Society, a huge and responsible non-profit organisation. Welcome to the HOME of all Cypriot and Greek Students of Nottingham. 

As a Society, we organise multiple social events throughout the year, such as, gatherings, meetings, parties, tournaments etc.  Moreover, we organize Career Events to inform our students about internships and professional training schemes.  For the past years, the Cypriot and Greek Society of Nottingham proudly hosted PwC Cyprus and Siemens Opportunities.

Furthermore, we do engage in Athletics too!! Our Futsal Team of Cypriot and Greek Society of Nottingham managed to win the IMS tournament. We are currently the CHAMPIONS OF NOTTINGHAM!!  The players of this team always had dignified impressions and managed to win decent matches.  Our football team made us so proud, as always.



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Development Co-ordinator
Constanza Marquez-Godoy
Events Organiser
Michelle Aspri
Georgios Andreou
Publicity Officer
Sophia Brown
Mikaella Savva
Sports Secretary
Alexandros Lioufis
Demetris Demetriou
Vice President
Antonis Zonias