Current Affairs Society


We are the Current Affairs society!

We hope to spread awareness about world events and create an environment where members can widen their knowledge about the dynamic world around us.

  1. We will host debates concerning the latest significant issues in the world at the time. This could include issues like Brexit, and the upcoming US elections.
  2. We will post snapshots of the biggest news stories as they emerge and unfold.
  3. We will encourage and facilitate those of you who are passionate about a subject to host your own debate or seminar.

Also, a goal of ours is to provide access, and discounted subscriptions to major news publications, such as The Economist, for all of our members!

Furthermore, we have created a unique partnership with YOOP! - a new start up company who will be launching an app which collates and allows users to rate news from credible sources, avoiding fake news. Additionally, we have also partnered with Collective Equity Ownership; another start up company which will publish articles written by our members!

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Equality and Welfare Rep
Melanie Luisa Barreto Bravo
Gen Sec
Li Xuan Tan
Kiran Suain
Social Sec
Varun Shah
Subject Reps
Amogh Atul Kanvinde
Clara Packer
Gabrielle Silver
Divya Parekh
Kiran Jai Chauhan