Conservation & Nature Society


Welcome to a new term!

Our upcoming events are: 

Our Committee

  • President - Rajan Jandu
  • Treasurer- William McCormack
  • GenSec- Jamie Cailean Harrigan-Branch
  • Session Coordinator- Hannah Smith
  • Garden Coordinators- Sonja Bottomer and Danny Ware
  • Outreach Officer- Katie Cordingley
  • Biscuit Baron (Refreshments Coordinator)- Georgie Marshall

Sessions typically last 2-3 hours but feel free to drop in or come for however long you want. 


If you enjoy nature and wish to help preserve it, or if you are simply looking for a fun and social outdoors activity, Consoc is for you!

Consoc is a student-run group that works together with local and national organisations in order to conserve our local green spaces. We visit Sites of Special Scientific Interest, nature reserves, parks and woodland. We adopt a hands-on approach for the betterment of the local environment and provide our members with an opportunity to gain valuable volunteer experience. We organise one-off trips to new sites as well as frequently revisiting ongoing projects - seeing the difference our work is making is very rewarding.

Besides our weekly practical sessions, we also hold events at weekends such as bird walks and nature food trails, and run a variety of socials from pub meets to bowling and film nights. We also run several weekends away each year, for example to the Peak District where we work in the hills with the Park Rangers!

Come and try a session at any time of the year! No membership required for the first few sessions! 

See the links down the left for more details about our Wednesday Sessions, our Community Garden and Trips away.