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We are the University of Nottingham’s Computer Science Society. Our society consists mainly of Computer Scientists but we welcome anyone with an interest in our subject to join. The Society’s purpose is promote and help maintain a community around Computer Science as well as to aid student interaction between different years of study and areas of interest.

To do this we hold regular socials and run several events throughout the year. CompSoc exists because we believe that community is a very important part of the university experience. From meeting new people to making industry contacts to getting a helping hand when you're not feeling at your best. We try our best to tailor our events to as many people as possible. Time wise, you can spend as much or as little time as you want at our events.
You can get in touch with us through a multitude of avenues:
Facebook -
Instagram - compsoc2020
Find our event info on Facebook, Instagram, or our WhatsApp group.
And we're pretty much always around the A32 lab! Come say 'Hi' if you haven't already!
Key Points About CompSoc:

- We are a means of support for the Computer Science student community

- We are strongly linked with the Computer Science department

- We are a social community for the Computer Science department, but anyone within the University can join

- We provide career help and support

- We are an educational community, hosting guest lectures and topical trips




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BME Officer
Michael Boadu
Careers Officer
Huey Qing Tan
Communications Officer
George Tilley
General Secretary
Reece Stuart Harvey
Kimiya Sagha
Social Secretary
Freya Wentzel
Joshua Warden
Welfare Officer
Gabriel Alexander Leach
Women's Officer
Izma Mukadam