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UoN Comedy Society


Welcomes comedy fans and aspiring performers of all levels of experience


Membership only £3!


Ever wanted to get involved in writing, performing or simply watching comedy of all forms?

UoN Comedy runs regular sketch writing group workshops, allowing you to come together in a group of like-minded people to collaborate and share ideas. Collaborating with other societies, we’ve recorded and filmed our work, so there are oppurtunities to get involved in all levels of writing, performing, producing and directing.

We run frequent stand-up workshops where you can test and try new material in front of a small, supportive audience of friends, gain advice and hone your skills before moving on to bigger and better shows.

A fan of comedy but not interested in performing yourself? We'll be running semi-regular screenings and live events by external comedians alongside our own work so you can socialise with other fans of comedy in a relaxed environment. Members will also get discounts on our events.

Our socials are equally broad in their scope, ranging from Tram Crawls (the perfect combination of alcohol and rail-based public transport) to quieter pizza nights.

Whatever your interest or ambition, UoN Comedy Society membership is only £3 for the full year.

Explore our website or see our social media to stay up to date with all our events: