Colombian Society

During the past years, TV and movies have brought Colombia under the spotlight. However, we perceive that this awareness has been misleading or even biased. We argue that the problem about mindsets is not that they are built around false information, but around insufficient information. 

Thus, we want to give students an opportunity to bridge that gap of the unknown and by doing so, to experience one of the most biodiverse countries of the world; a country with a rich ethnic diversity and with amazing and rythms. eace building and application of law in post conflict societies. 

We would like to create a support network that enhances the bonds between Colombians studying in Nottingham and the rest of the students interested in learning more about Colombia, by organizing cultural events, social gatherings and academic events, centered around Colombian traditions and current events of interest.

We are preparing activities for the upcoming academic year among which we have:

  1. Cultural Colombian Celebrations - Colombia's Independence day.
  2. Colombian Coffee Sessions - FAQs Sessions, all you ever wanted to ask about Colombia.
  3. Colombian Dance Sessions - Get ready to have lots of fun with different dance moves.
  4. Joint Events with Mexican, Chilean, Hispanic and Kettle Societies! 

Please, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further question regarding the Colombian Society. It does not matter what your nationality is, join us and get a grasp of our beautiful country, everyone is welcome! 

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Development Co-ordinator
Marc Holt
General Secretary
Luis Fernando Legarda Garzón
Paula Castro Vega
Social Secretary
Gina Louise Bhardwaj
Paula Cardozo Valbuena
Juan Torres Moreno