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If you are diagnosed with Coeliac Disease by a doctor you can recieve gluten free foods on prescription from your GP.


Essential foods include:

Bread / rolls

Breakfast cereals

Crackers and crispbreads

Flour / flour-type mixes



Pizza bases

Biscuits (biscuits are only prescribed in exceptional circumstances on clinical advice)


You can reorder your favourite products by a repeat perscription & avoid having to see your GP on a regular basis. However if you wish to try new products & change your perscritions you might need to make a doctors appointment.



In England prescriptions for gluten free food are not free unless you qualify for free prescriptions.

For more information on whether you qualify see the NHS guidelines here

Otherwise you have to pay a prescription charge for each item prescribed

  • - which in England is £8.05 as of 1st April 2014.

It therefore might be cheaper to purchase a Pre-Payment Certificate (PPC), allowing you to pay a set fee for either 3 or 12 months at a time. A PPC covers all your prescription costs no matter how many you need.

The current cost is:

  • - £29.10 for a 3-month PPC; &
  • - £104.00 for a 12-month PPC.

To find out more about PPCs, speak to your local pharmacist, call 0300 330 1341 or you can order one online at

For more information visit,

Or email us at




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