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Some information about eating on campus:

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

And if you have any more information to add to the list below please let us know!!


University Park:

Trent Cafe - They usually serve jacket potatoes and always soup. Unfortunately they don't sell gluten free sandwiches but most of the crisps are gluten free and they sometimes have gluten free coconut macaroons and chocolate. 
Portland Building;
  • SU shop - Salad bar & snacks.
  • Boots & the Juice Bar - Crisps & snacks.
  • Baguette bar - They make gf sandwiches and they also have some pre-made genius rolls (usually ploughmans or chicken and pesto). Last time I checked the chips were gf - and you can get cheese, bacon, onions, peppers etc on them, which is perfect when you're hungover. Then they have jacket potatoes as well, a coeliac's staple.
  • Costa in Blackwells - Crisps and gluten free wraps!
  • Food Court:
  • Item SevenCaribbean food - Does anyone know if this is gluten free?
  • Chicken Joes - you can have the peri peri chicken - ask for it in a box not a wrap and they'll do it for you with salad. I've never officially checked the other chicken types but I've had most of them and never had a reaction. 
  • Salad Bar - Salad (unsurprisingly).
  • Man's Gourmet - chinese food - I've never risked it because of risk of contamination from soy sauce. They do sell sushi- though, again, I've never risked it.
  • Starbucks - Gluten free brownies & salads & wraps! (vegitarian and gluten free),
Library Cafe - They usually have one or two genius rolls, but they do sell out! (they have a discount Starbucks here).
Clive Granger Cafe - Soup, wraps & snacks.
Law & Social Sciences Cafe - Crisps & other snacks.
Coates Cafe - Snacks.
Lenton & Wortley Cafe Bar - Jacket potatoes, soup & salad.
Willoughby Cafe Bar - Crisps & snacks (they have starbucks drinks here like in the library - they also do cashback when you spend £5 if you need cash on that side of campus).
Cavendish Cafe- Jacket potatoes & snacks.
- Does anyone have any information about Derby and Hugh Stuart Hall Cafe Bars? Please contact us and let us know!


Jubilee Campus:

Atrium - At lunchtime they serve jacket potatoes and Chicken Joes (see above for info) - they only sell the chicken jo's curly fries though which I think are contaminated with gluten (double check!) so you can go to another counter and get the 'normal' chips which are gluten free. 

- they also have some gluten free sandwiches, soup & snacks.

The Exchange - Jacket potatoes & snacks.


Starbucks - Salads,brownies, wraps & snacks (they do not take your meal card).



B Floor Cafe - wraps, sandwiches, jacket potatoes and snacks


Heres a list of product sold in most cafes on university park, but specifically stocked at Coates cafe, Law & Social Sciences, Portland Juice Bar and Cafe Remedy (QMC),

If the cell is coloured RED under the gluten free column, then its suitable for someone on a gluten free diet:



- if anyone has anymore information on the other campuses it would be hugely helpful! 



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