Civil Engineering

Welcome to CivSoc; the society for Civil Engineers. We’re here to help relieve the {force divided by area} of an engineering degree.

From freshers to final years, CivSoc brings together over 850 students from across all years of study, so come and socialise with us outside the lecture theatre on nights out, formals and trips!

Compete in our relaxed IMS teams, and share experience and knowledge of the civil engineering world with your fellow peers.

CivSoc membership costs £5 for 1 year or £12.50 for 3 years a right bargin that gets you great discounts throughout the year.

CivSoc has strong and well established links with the Faculty of Engineering, providing industrial visits and guest lecturers. Make sure your future career begins on the right path and join up!

Instagram: uoncivsoc

Twitter: @UoN_CivSoc

Snapchat: uoncivsoc

“That building is supposed to be stood up straight, right?” – Unknown



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Industrial Liaison
Timothy John Matthews
Sian McAdam
Social Secretary (Female)
Victoria Jane Ellis
Social Secretary (Male)
Mark Brewer
Sports Sec (Female)
Phoenix-Jane Hayward
Sports Secretary (Male)
William Michael Seabury
David Thomas Park
Vice President
Max Gwilym Devonald