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Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. It is granted protected status as "intangible cultural heritage" by UNESCO.

"If you’re looking for something a bit different to your usual exercise classes and want to try something new, then capoeira should be at the top of your list."

- LeftLion Magazine

The University Society classes focus on all aspects of the art inlcuding martial techniques, acrobatics and playing capoeira musical intsruments. They are for absolute beginners, no level of fitness or previous experience are needed. Come and give it a go, and see what you can achieve!

Our classes are run by Professor Tatu and Instrutor Sansão, who run Nottingham’s Capoeira group, which is affiliated to one of the biggest Capoeira groups worldwide: “Cordão de Ouro”.

We run two classes a week in the Studio in Portland Building. Our Monday class invoves 30 minutes warm up and stretching and 1 hour Capoeira teaching by one of our teachers. The class typically ends with a "roda"  where the whole group gathers in a circle and members get to play the game of Capoeira and put the learnt moves and techniques into practice.

The Thursday class is 1 hour and is committee-led and focuses on body conditioning for capoeira and also re-cap and practice time for the taught on Mondays. It can be tailored towards what members want to do i.e. training a specific move or playing in the roda.

We also have a few classes during the semester focusing exclusively on acrobatics (on our inflatable tumble track!) or music for capoeira involving playing traditional Brazilian instruments and learning capoeira songs.


To find out what your first class might be like, this check out article in Impact - Magazine

Here's an article of what one absolute beginner had to say about his years in  - Capoeira

And have a look at our videos to see what you can achieve through doing Capoeira over your time at university!

To find out more about the Nottingham Capoeira group, visit their website.


Mondays 17:00 - 18:00, The Dance Studio, Portland building

Thursdays 17:30 - 18:30, The Studio Live!, Portland Building

Check our facebook page for details! 


Membership for the entire year - £1

Monday classes:

Members - £5

Non-members - £6

Thursday classes:

Members - £1

Non-members - £2



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