Cancer Research Society

Hey everyone, we are a student society that aims to reduce the number of deaths due to cancer through the support of Cancer Research UK charity. We do this through our main goals of raising awareness and fundraising for Cancer Research UK and we would love it if you got involved! 

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1 in 2 people born after 1960 will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime. We think this is too high and more can be done to prevent it. If you have any ideas for events or would like to get involved in one of many of our fun and exciting events throughout the year, then do please become a member! 

4 in 10 cases of cancer each year in the UK are linked to lifestyle factors. We provide awareness to other students and the public of these lifestyle risks and help then reduce their chances of getting cancer. We also provide information helping people recognise the signs of cancers, particularly ones affecting those of student age. In the last 40 years awareness has doubled cancer survival rates and we think this work can help improve that.  

Half a million lives have been saved in the last 30 years due to cancer research and we want to increase this by supporting Cancer Research UK through fundraising.



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Fundraising Officer
Loreta Ozolina
Raluca-Teodora Pop
Samantha Williams
General Secretary
Shakib Kashrim Uddin
Cosmin Dragos Tudose
Social Secretary
Anoushka Dugal
Chehak Kapoor
Vice President
Laura Mary Shuttleworth
Welfare Officer
Cosmin Dragos Tudose