Cake Soc


This is where a few of our pictures will go to show people what has being happening in the society. We hope that this will give potential members more of an idea of what Cake Society is like.

Photo Gallery

First Baking Session 2010
10 photos
Updated Sat 09 Oct 2010
Cake Soc - Sixth Baking session
15 photos
Updated Sun 28 Feb 2010
SWCR Baking Session by Jonathan Wong
19 photos
Updated Tue 02 Feb 2010
Cake Soc - Third baking session
33 photos
Updated Fri 05 Feb 2010
Cake Soc - Fifth Baking session
14 photos
Updated Sun 28 Feb 2010
Cake Soc - I heart Socs
81 photos
Updated Thu 28 Jan 2010
Fresher's fair 2013
7 photos
Updated Sat 28 Sep 2013
Cake Soc - Second baking session
30 photos
Updated Tue 01 Dec 2009
Cake Soc- First baking session
37 photos
Updated Thu 26 Nov 2009
Chocolate cake taster session
12 photos
Updated Fri 04 Oct 2013
Cake Soc Baking Session 9
15 photos
Updated Fri 19 Mar 2010
Cake Soc - Fourth Baking session
42 photos
Updated Sun 28 Feb 2010




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Emily Bigwood
Publicity Rep
Holly May Jessop
Simran Julia Lundh Von Leithner
Social Secretary
Eleni Konstantinou
Thao Pham
Vice President
Georgina Alice-Rose Robinson