Cake Soc

Bluecoat Academy 

Bluecoat Academy, a secondary school closely located to Jubilee Campus, kindly allow us to book their school kitchens for our baking sessions every Wednesday. The society has been using this school for our baking sessions since October 2010. The room we rent has both gas and electric ovens with plenty of worktop space for lots of Cake Soc'ers!

More information about the school can be found here:

Wednesday baking sessions at the school

For our baking sessions a committee member will meet everyone at both Univeristy Park and on Jubilee Campus. They will then walk the members to the school.

You are more than welcome to make your own way there, tell us the day before so we know how many we are meeting! Any more information regarding how to get to the school will be given to you on the facebook group. However, to give you a general idea you can follow this link to Google Maps: Click here

Last but not least, bring a tin/ box/ cling film or anything to put your bakes in after the baking session at the school!