Business Management & Leadership Society


What we do

With over 2000 members, the society provides a platform for likeminded and passionate students to connect and network with each other. We host an array of career and social events for our members to learn and mingle with each other. Furthermore, we work with the Business School -- striving to provide our members with an enriching and holistic experience during their time in University. All Business School students are automatically enrolled into the society for free!


Why we're here

Our primary focus is to organise as many and varied career events with prestigous employers as possible, to provide our members with insight and knowledge on the industry. We hope our efforts help our members enhance their employability and ultimately aid them towards their career path.

We also host social events to give our members opportunities to have fun with each other, and to expand and develop their network of friends. Because friends in the Business School are investments for networks in the future! 


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Corporate Relations Manager
Nikita Kaur Badesha
General Secretary
Holly Mae Botterill
Tariro Madzingira
Rahul Singh
Social Secretary
Jack Louis Bergicourt
Sports Secretary
Brandon Alebiosu
Jing Jia Tan
Vice President
Edmund Antwi