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Bladesoc Committee 2019-20 


President: Cathi Woollard

Hi! I'm Cathi, 4th year German and Dutch student and I'm super excited to be your president this year! I joined Bladesoc in my first year of uni and have been obsessed with it since, beginning with just the Saturday sessions, then dabbling in slalom for a year or so and also joining the world of speed skating, competing in half marathons all over the Netherlands and Germany where I just spent a year studying abroad. 
The main things to know about me are I love to travel and will get on planes, trains, coaches you name it to go to a skating event; I'm pretty chill and love a good house party, club night, or just going for a drink at the pub. I also love all hugs, hi hugs, bye hugs, random i want a hug hugs, you name it :D 
On a serious note though, if you ever feel lost or need a lil advice (or hug hehe) then just message me or anyone in bladesoc on facebook or ask us in person, we're all really friendly and just want to help you feel at home. Hope to see you soon!x

Treasurer: Lewis Rose

Lewis Rose, President at the Berlin Marathon 2018

Hey there! I’m Lewis. I’m a third-year PhD student in Environmental Science, having joined Bladesoc in my 4th year of Natural Sciences.

I enjoy skating in (nearly) all its forms, but mainly I like street skates and speed skating with our team here, and East Midlands Racing (EMR). I also love to travel, so going to the races and other events we do is even more fun!

Bladesoc is a friendly and welcoming environment. No matter who you are or where you’re from, there’s no pressure and always someone to talk to. We all love a good chat, so if you want to talk about university, ideas for the society, or anything else at all, come and find me!

Skating is super fun, different, and adds another dimension to your life – so come and join us, you won’t regret it!

General Secretary: Gabrielle Hornshaw

Hi I'm Gabrielle, I'm in my 3rd year of computer science and have been a member of bladesoc since I started uni.  I enjoy all kinds of skating but my favourite is slalom - though I'm not very good at it, yet!
I joined for a fun way to stay fit, and because it had been a childhood hobby of mine (it had bee years since I last put on skates) and ended up staying for the people. Bladesoc is a very friendly and social group, and welcome to everyone no matter the skill level. If you're looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday evening I can't recommend bladesoc enough.



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General Secretary
Gabrielle Sian Hornshaw
Catherine Marie Woollard
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