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Bladesoc Committee 2017-18

President: Ellie Webb

Ellie Webb, Pesident

Hi I'm Ellie! I study Natural Sciences with a focus on Chemistry and Biology. I came to a Bladesoc taster session two years ago with no experience of skating and now I'm hooked!

Feet are slow and boring, so stick wheels to them! We have loads of exciting trips and events organised throughout the year, you’ll definitely enjoy them!! If you think skating isn’t for you for any reason, try it once and I’ll personally prove you wrong! You can then skate everywhere, stay fit all year, as well as eating junk food all the time and yet keep a nice arse! Isn’t life beautiful? So don’t hesitate another second and join Bladesoc!

PS: your president loves hugs, don’t forget to ask for one anytime you want!!

Vice President: Emma Kucewicz

Picture coming soon, Vice President

Hello! I’m Emma, Bladesoc Vice President and third year Natural Scientist on the physics and maths pathway. With no previous skating experience, I came along to a taster session 2 years ago after being accosted by a very enthusiastic committee member during Fresher’s week and now I skate whenever I have the chance.

There are so many things to try on skates; such as roller hockey, street skating, slalom and speed skating, that you’re bound to find something you enjoy… and don’t worry if you are a complete beginner; there are experienced skaters willing to teach you both the basics and even complicated slalom tricks. In the last two years, I have gone from clinging onto lamp posts to competing in the Le Mans 24 hour roller skating race and skating across Austria. It’s definitely worth trying out!


Treasurer: Emma Gunnell

Emma Gunnell, Treasurer

Hey, I’m Emma. I’m in my final year of a Chemistry PhD and I’ve been skating for 2 years now. I’d recommend anyone to come along and try skating as we have loads of skaters happy to teach - all the way from standing for the first time on skates to slalom (check it out on youtube – this is what got me hooked!), roller hockey, and street skating. We’re a friendly bunch of people, and would love to see you at one of our sessions, so come along and learn a great new sport!

General Secretary: Mary Thompson

Mary Thompson, General Secretary

Hey, I’m Mary. I’m in my third year studying History and Archaeology (picture Lara Croft on roller blades!). I started skating in my first year and have still not quite mastered stopping... But being able to skate on one foot totally makes up for running into people and walls right?!

Publicity Secretary: Catherine Woollard

Catherine Woollard, Publicity Secretary

Info about Catherine coming soon!

Events Secretary: Omolara Fisher

Catherine Woollard, Publicity Secretary

Info about Omolara coming soon!


Social Secretary: Lydia Isaac

Lydia Isaac, Events Secretary

Hey I'm Lydia! I'm here in Notts studying German and Spanish and in my second year. I joined Bladesoc last year with hardly any experience on roller blades but with so many opportunities to practice each week it's so easy to improve. 

   As your social sec I'll be planning a tonne of socials as a chance to chill together, whether it be picnics on the downs or a Christmas house party. Hopefully we'll have a whole new gang of you joining us this year, I can't wait to meet you all and spend some true skater time together! 



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Events Secretary
Omolara Theresa Fisher
General Secretary
Emma Joanna Marisa Kucewicz
Lewis Sam Rose
Publicity Secretary
Christopher Harry Shaw
Alec Walsh
Vice President
Hannah Elizabeth Towers