Biochemistry Society


Welcome to Biochem Soc!

We are here for you if you are studying Biochemistry, Biochemistry and Genetics, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, or are just have an interest in Biochemistry!

We aim to integrate Biochem students of all years of study and provide a support network by organising various socials, career events, sports competitions and trips of Biochemical interest. From bar crawls and club nights to meals and laser quest, there is something for everyone!

Key events:

  • Biochem Family bar crawl,
  • Battle of the Boffins round 2: Science Societies Charity Dodgeball,
  • Return of the Christmas bash,
  • Boat party,
  • Infamous Science Ball, and many more!

Biochem Family Scheme:

The Biochem Family scheme is here to help all incoming students to find their feet with both adapting to university life and coping with independent study. 1st years this is a chance for you to get to know 2nd, 3rd and even 4th year society members who will welcome you into Biochem Soc!


Want to have some fun competing in sports? Biochem Soc has its own football and netball team that anyone can join. Join the Facebook groups to get involved:



Get involved!

Become a member of our exciting and rapidly progressing society! Look forward to seeing you all soon.
Biochem Love

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Twitter: @uonbiochemsoc

Instagram: @uonbiochemsoc

Snapchat: uonbiochemsoc

Contact us:

President: Hannah Marcovitch (

Vice-President: Benjamin Hopwood

General Sec: Isabelle Forder-Denham

Treasurer: Joseph Brealey

Social Secs: Eleanor Chapman and Eleanor Murphy

Sport Secs: Katie Krygier-McLaren and Hassan Nawaz

Publicity officer: Gwennan Ward

Education Officer: Jermain Ethell