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Welcome to the Underground Music Society. 

Nottingham has one of the most exciting music scenes in the country. Every month it is home to legendary nights such as Submerged, Wigflex, Square One and many more. These bring you the biggest names in D&B, Techno, Disco, Garage, Jungle, Dubstep and so on - whatever your preferred genre is, Nottingham's got it. 

By cultivating a music-loving community amongst students we hope that we can create an environment where people feel like there is a real hub that they can fall back on. Whether it's through pre-drinks, afters, mixing sessions, radio sessions, or DJ sets at clubs, we want our members to be able to hang out with like-minded people and generally have people to enjoy music with. 

Being a member of UMS is about more than perks, however, to name a few you will get: free mixing/ lesson sessions at Pirate Studios, exclusive opportunities to mix at club nights, chances to mix on the radio and at house parties, exclusive merchandise, access to the group chat which has always been the best way to know exactly what's going on in and around the city, trips to other cities, and cheeky UMS discounts for a range of nights out. 

We've all been freshers in Nottingham before and known what it's like going to basic club nights out, without the right crowd to tag along with you can really feel like you're missing out on enjoying the music you like most. That's why we started this society, its also why we recently rebranded from Bass Soc to UMS, we want to be as inclusive as possible and to welcome as many fresh faces into the society as we can.

Whether you're a raver, a DJ, a producer or just someone who's keen to experience more underground music, then we are definitely the right society for you.





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