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Who Can Join?

Anyone who has an interest in music and performing can join the society, whether you are a new to the whole thing or if you have been going at it for 10 years we accept all, as long as What We Offer You meets what you are looking for then this is a society worth joining. If you are more concerned with watching bands and going to gigs than playing in bands then we should have something to offer you as well!!

Why Join BandSoc?

If you love music, whether listening to it or performing it - you will benefit from joining BandSoc, from our range of Sponsorship Deals to wet your appetite to the high quality equipment that we provide for you to practice with. If you are coming to uni and want to start a band to pass the time or to break into the music scene then there is no better place to start!!



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Band/Creativity Coordinator
James Kapp
General Secretary
William Smith
Benjamin Speake
James Kapp
Edward Littleboy
Joseph Matthew Howard