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Welcome to The University of Nottingham Agnostics, Secularists and Humanists Society

Do any Gods exist? Should religious organisations continue to enjoy legal and social privileges not afforded to similar non-religious groups? Can a person live an ethical and fulfilling life without relying on inflexible moral rules handed down from on high? If you’re interested in the answers to any of these questions then the A.S.H society is for you!

Every member of our society is a freethinking individual with their own opinions, and unlike the Christian Union we don’t state on our society page that your beliefs have to align with ours before you sign up. So long as you’re interested in contributing to the debate, welcome aboard!

A.S.H aims to offer an alternative to religious groups on campus by providing opportunities to:

· meet up to discuss topics of interest, ranging from the stance of the Catholic Church regarding the use of condoms to stop the spread of HIV AIDS in Africa to the indoctrination of children from religious backgrounds.

· engage in debates and discussions with individuals and groups from other societies (including the religious societies) on similar issues.

· partake in non-religious humanist weekly social events

· attend events where we host guest speakers (previous speakers include Gordon Ward of the Sunday Assembly and Tehmina Kazi of the British Muslims for Secular Democracy).

· watch films which highlight issues of importance in the secular world, or which just take a good old wry look at the world of organised religion.

· campaign on and off campus for a future where religion isn’t imposed upon anyone against their will and where people from all walks of life are treated equally, regardless of what the Bible says about the proper way to treat gay people or those who eat shellfish!

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Valentin Boboc
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