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Ahlan wa sahlan!

Welcome to your home away from home, the Arab Society!

We are the heart of all Arab nations that come together at the University of Nottingham to meet, eat, socialize, and most importantly have a good time. We’re here to provide a friendly atmosphere and support for all Arab students. Non-Arab students are more than welcome to join and learn more about our beautiful heritage and culture.

We organize plenty of big events throughout the year, from exploring different parts of the U.K. to paint balling, go-karting, arabic classes and a wide range of sport activities. We also run socials such as Shisha nights, dinners and game nights to give you a memorable experience with us! 

We hope to bring together all Arabs and Non-Arabs to share each others values, traditions and the different languages of the region. Our committee consists of a diverse and enthusiastic group and we have lots planned for this year! 


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Hope you’ll stick around with us!

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Events Officer
Noor Samir Mustafa Hameed Shabsogh
General Secretary
Hasan Aras Hasan Rifat
Zaki Naim Zaki Kalha
Publicity Officer
Ahmad Mohammad Zaki Kalha
Basel Arafeh