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AMR-Soc aims to promote the education and public knowledge of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) through educational outreach programmes. These include workshops at Cripps Health Centre, workshops at local primary schools and an annual AMR UoN conference.


1. To educate and support the public in the growing concern of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). Our society aims to set up stalls and workshops at Cripps Health Centre where we can promote the education about AMR and antibiotic usage to the public. With only 10 minute appointments it can be difficult for GPs to find the time to fully explain AMR and its effect on the population, therefore, our society wants to alleviate this pressure on GPs by providing this knowledge to patients before and after appointments. In addition, we would also like to make the share the importance of compliance to an antibiotic course which reduces the growth of persister cells.

2. To encourage the exchange of alternative solutions to the problem of AMR. We would like to hold debates and workshops that explore alternative routes of medicine. For example, the generation of polymer catheters that reduce the formation of fungal biofilms. These ideas will hopefully inspire people to think more carefully about AMR and its effect on the population.

3. To bring together like-minded people to learn about a global issue. We would like to create a society that is inclusive for all who want to spread knowledge about AMR. We plan to hold a “Rise of the Guardians” event that requires the members to sign up to be an Antibiotic Guardian (Public Health England initiative).

4. To promote learning of AMR in students, the public and academics. Firstly, we will organise training session where we can provide essential knowledge about AMR to society members which will be vital in their delivery of workshops to the public. We would like to promote learning through workshops, as well as an annual AMR UoN conference that we plan to organise. The conference will contain lectures giving by leading AMR researchers and scientists aiming to promote new solutions that do not involve the use of antimicrobials such as Bdellovibrio.

If you would like to get involved with setting up workshops please drop us an email or buy a membership!



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