Animal Science Soc (SB)



Hi everyone and welcome to Animal Science Society!!

The aim of our society is to bring together people with a shared love of animals; whether you’re an animal scientist, a vet or just want to get your dose of animal-related fun during your time here then this is the society for you!

Two years ago we were able to reach gold status as well as an award for the most improved society, and this year, we plan to make the society bigger and better than ever!

This year:

- Fortnightly dog walks

- Bar crawl

- Animal Science vs Agrics social

- Trip to Twycross Zoo

- And more to be confirmed!



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Animal Science Soc (SB) Oreo and Friends
31st January 6pm - 8pm
Chardwood in Main Building
January exams are done!! Congrats to everyone for making it through the post chrimbo exams. To help destress from the anxious wait for results we have organised Oero and friend to visit for some great animal handling experience.
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Ellie Louise Muscat
Social Secretary
Ashleigh Smith
Elizabeth Miranda Mellor
Amber Martyn