AmeriCan Society


AmeriCan SOCIETY 2019/20

Welcome to AmeriCan Society! We are a society open to all American and Canadian Studies students (both Single and Joint Honours)  any American or Canadian students studying in Nottingham, and anyone with interests in all things American/Canadian!


Joining a society is a great opportunity to meet new people, and as a Gold Award winning society, we intend to make that experience even better for y'all this year.

We have a variety of amazing socials ranging from American themed dinners and nights out, trips, quiz nights, guest speaker events, and the formal highlight of the year, a collaberative Arts Ball. All members get exclusive and discounted tickets (oh, the perks!) so make sure if any of this tickles your fancy, please join!

We also have AmeriCanSoc sports teams; netball and football, and two awesome Sports Secs who help organise both games and socials for the teams.

On top of all of this, we are also here to give you academic support and keep you updated on any careers events or talks specifically related to your course. We also hold events to help integrate all years of the society together so that you may guide one another, particularly those looking to study abroad.

This year we have a brand new committee who are intent to work hard in order to bring you the best socials and academic advice you may need throughout your time studying at Nottingham. Our committe comprises of all 4th Single Honours students who have just come back from their year abroads.We hope to make this the society's best year yet and to bring back our Gold Award Winning Society status. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us with any ideas to make YOUR society the best it can be.



Be sure to follow all our social media (below) in order to keep up to date with all goings on ie. socials, sports, talks etc.


Facebook Page:

Twitter: @AmeriCanSoc

Instagram: @americansocietyuon

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