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Our society brings together all Romanian students and it is for everyone interested in Romania, Romanian culture and language regardless of the country of origin or other affiliations. 

We run a series of activities such as:
- celebrating the National Day (1st of December) / events in partnership with other societies
- representing  our society at "Fresher's Fair
- a multitude of social events with our members and not only


The society's main purpose is the promotion of the image and spirit of Romania in the United Kingdom in general and in Nottingham area in particular. Romanian Society has offered students a taste of Romanian culture through film screenings, traditional events (such as Martisor) and other socials. Also in 2010/2011, the Romanian Society won  the Gold Society Award, and in 2012 became acreddited by RBS Group. The society has also signed a partnership with the League of Romanian Students Abroad and with ARISS (Association of Romanian International Student Societies).

On October 20th, 2013,  one of the committe members has been nominated for the Ambassador’s Diploma and for Student Experience Certificate from behalf of the Students Union. Since then, the Society has continued to grow both in the number of members and in organizational experience.

We are proud to have initiated and organized over the time a number of successful activities, in which our members could participate, gain experience and network. We organize both social and cultural events where people from outside Romania can learn more about our culture, position in the world, music and dances. 

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Lately, we are moving towards organizing events with different societies, so we can grow the diversity and the number of people at our activities. Out of the societies that we have recently collaborated with are the Hispanic and the Bulgarian Societies.

Our events are open to all society members and non-members, visitors and the curious are welcomed! The languages used will be English and Romanian (but translation will be provided where needed), thus supporting our goal of making the above mentioned known to Britain's inhabitants, raising awareness of different activities and facilitating the connection between people mainly involved in academia.

The motto of the society is: "Sharing the Romanian culture among Nottingham Students!'

Should you want to join the society, please feel free to contact us.

We are very keen to share as much information as possible  about Romanian people and customs.

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