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Welcome to Quidditch Society!

Yes, we really do play quidditch! No, we don't fly. (sorry!) Whether you've grown up with a love of Harry Potter or are just interested in trying out something a bit different, Quidditch Soc has something for you.


We're the ones with the hoops, you really can't miss us! In short, quidditch is:

- unique - like a cross between rugby and dodgeball
- full contact - but we have our own non-contact version too
- mixed gender and lgbtq+ friendly
- played by over 300 teams worldwide
- a lot of fun!

We play every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, 2.30pm on the Downs and everyone is welcome to come and give it a go! You can find more information about how we play quidditch here


We're an incredibly sociable society and we run a huge variety of weekly socials; from cocktail making (Potions) to pub quiz and movie nights, bowling to scavenger hunts (Hunting for Horcruxes), we aim to have something for everyone and to make you feel right at home here at Nottingham.

Some of our bigger events include our Yule Ball at Christmas and trips to the Harry Potter Studio Tour!

Further details about upcoming socials can be found here

Contact us

Please join our facebook group - this is where we will post all information and updates on socials, quidditch etc.
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Feel free to drop us an e-mail if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

We hope to see you soon! Mischief Managed.




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Lucy Imogen Hallam
Quidditch Manager
Amy Rebecca Carl
Isobel Freya Sheene
Social Secretary
Yin Lun Luk
Jonathan Clulow