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Who are We?

We are effectively a United Nations Youth branch in the university. We are the university's de facto hub for any student looking for an international experience at uni.

Imagine this: you're seated at a table and everyone's talking about everything, from the last Eurovision to the ongoing crisis in Syria, to their own experiences growing up in the world. It's a mix of languages, of nationalities, of courses. Everyone speaks to everyone. And in one night, you make ten new friends.

That's us in a nutshell. If that sounds good to you, you're welcome to join in! We are always trying to diversify our activities. In addition to our weekly MUN sessions and our very own conference, we attend other MUN conferences, but that is only part of what we do. Many joint events with other societies will be held during the year and we are introducing our very own Speakers' Programme with experts on topics as different as Nuclear proliferation and Boko Haram coming to talk to our members.



What is MUN? 

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the real United Nations, where students take on the role of delegates representing a country and debate topics ranging from economic and social issues to political and environmental ones from their allocated country's standpoint. It promotes greater understanding of international relations, politics and global issues. Over 400,000 students take part in MUN conferences annually worldwide. MUN helps you sharpen your debating and negotiating skills to a great extent.

You might think this only involves writing papers and doing research. Wrong! MUNs are a comprehensive activity and boast a very strong social component to it.The committee sessions themselves are great fun too - you'll hear great big speeches, funny delegates cracking jokes and a lot of fast-paced negotiating. You meet lots and lots of people from all over the world, share ideas and make friends. In the process you'll get to visit new places too.

The Society and MUN:

Alongside our many other activities, we're also one of the most active award-winning MUN societies in the UK. We hold training sessions every week for interested members. We send teams of students to conferences outside the uni - there's a conference for anyone, even if you're inexperienced or on a tight budget!

Lastly, we host our very own annual conference (NottsMUN) within the university, and we're one of the largest in the UK - a few hundred people take part.


Why Join Us?

Learn about Model UN from the best. L We hold no-pressure practice sessions every week to walk you through everything, and we hang out after. Everyone's welcome, whether you're familiar with MUN or not!

Pick up transferable skills. MUNs give you an all-in-one package of transferable skills. Learning to do research on tough international issues. You'll learn some confidence and give great speeches. negotiating and winning people over to your ideas and a whole utility belt's worth of social skills, too.

Great excuses to travel. Can't find a reason to travel on the weekends? MUNs are a great way to see different cities in the UK - Manchester, Oxford, Leeds, and abroad!

Not interested in MUN? No problem. We have plenty of other great events for you - International-themed socials of all types, UN-related fun and learning, and a way to make as many friends as you want, from as many countries as you want. A Speakers' Programme and other talks, joint events, socials - we'll do it all.

So get involved in this ever growing and ever enthusiastic society!

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Conferences Secretary
Tin Lok William Au
General Secretary
Yun Ni Choong
Programme Coordinator
Peter Magill
Social Secretary
Vedant Gupta
Sponsorship Officer
Stephen Daniel Heaney Bromage
Training Officer
Atakan Yurdakul
Benjamin Edward Johnson
Vice President
Tamarah Asassa