Lithuanian Society



Lithuanian Society Nottingham represents the best of what you can possibly get regarding the Northern-Eastern European experience.
Our social events include tasting the delicious meals of Lithuanian cuisine, cheering for our basketball team, commemorating the national celebrations, the always-amazing picnics, movie nights and many more cultural and social activities!
So do join us, if you feel ready to combine the known and the unknown features of the Lithuanian culture!

Major events:

Picnic (Meet & Greet) :

The picnic is usually the first social that kickstarts the academic year in our society. Come along and spend the afternoon with us, bring some snacks and engage in fun sports activities and bonding games. Great chance to reunite with old friends or make some new ones. 

Cepelinadienis :

The Big. The Fat. The Lithuanian.

Prepare your stomachs for the feast of Lithuanian Capelinai (Zeppelins). Join us as we make hundreds(!) of Cepelinai from scratch and with your help will reach the record number of Zeppelins!

Movie Night :
Brace yourself for a film marathon, bring some popcorn. Cozy, more relaxed evening with a good company guaranteed.

Many more events and socials await! So come and join!



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