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Welcome to EWB Nottingham! 

Engineers Without Borders Nottingham (EWB-Notts) is a society with a vision to alleviate poverty and develop sustainability.

Affiliated with EWB-UK, we aim to bring people, ideas and engineers together to create a world, where everyone has access to the engineering they need for a life free from poverty.



We inspire, We support and We change!

The society comprise of 3 core teams:

1. Projects and Workshops:

- A series of workshops such as wind turbine, solar panel, biofuels, waste recycling strategies and etc.

- Student run projects to develop sustainability.

- Running projects to aid overcoming barriers to human development in developing countries.


2. Outreach:

- Inspiring the next generation to pursue higher education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through undertaking a series of workshops and events in local schools.

Promoting Woman in Engineering events.



3. Fundraising, Trips and Socials:

- Trips to sustainability houses, various factories, renewable energy sites and etc.

- Fundraising events, engineering bar crawls and etc.

Membership: ONLY £4!

So join us to enhance your skills, get involved with a wide range of activities and events!

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General Secretary
Leonardo Avanzini
Outreach Coordinator
Anousha Bhavna Bhugun
Beni Auguste Ngabirano
Social and Fundraising Officer
Maryam M J H Sebzali
Vice President
Owen Pearce