Amnesty International

Affiliated with Amnesty International UK, we are a student society which aims to raise awareness of both domestic and global Human Rights issues. Using our fun and creative ideas - our goal is to protect people wherever justice, fairness, freedom, and truth are denied.  

Last year, we held a sleep out on campus to raise money for refugees, created posters to protest against organ harvesting, organised petition signing in support of refugee families, and organised a protest trip to Yarlswood Detention centre to fight against the inhumane detention of migrant women. We also collaborate closely with other societies, such as UoN Sikh, UoN Oxfam, and STAR societies to raise awareness of human rights.

This year we are looking for new and energetic students to join our team and help us with creative ways of communicating our message to the University of Nottingham. Our campaign will focus on the Climate Crisis and the various human rights violations as a result of this. We want to urge government action, raise awareness and make a difference within our University.

Every week we have a meeting on a Wednesday 2-3pm giving all members the opportunity to get involved with Amnesty and our current campaigns. It is an excellent way of meeting fellow students as well as learning about current affairs on a weekly basis. Here is an idea of the sort of things you will be involved in and the types of events that we hold:

Letter Writing

Each member will often write a letter on behalf of victims of Human Rights abuses. This is a simple and effective way of campaigning - and means you will be writing to various Members of Parliament.

Campaign Planning 

This is the most significant part of our society and the area which we need the most help with. Our campaigns have varied from women's rights to the Arms Trade and we continue to find new issues that need new campaigns. Our campaigns have resulted in stalls in the SU, organised protests and great fundraising events both on and off campus. This year we want to be even more creative and imaginative which is where we need you. Our main campaign this year will be the Climate Crisis – if this is something that interests you, come along to our meetings and share your ideas!

Guest Speakers

We invite interesting and inspirational guest speakers to come in and talk to our members. This offers an opportunity for critical thinking and debate about controversial Human Rights issues. We have previously had talks about issues such as Boko Haram, which encourage likely debate, and provide expert opinion from some of the top academics in the field. We are also giving you a chance to come along, listen and enjoy! Furthermore, we are hoping to organise a trip to the London Amnesty convention this year, which will be a great opportunity to hear more about the wider charity.


Jamnesty is our biggest fundraising event of the year, combining live music and DJ's alongside showcasing the work that the society has done throughout the year and emphasizing the Amnesty brand. A great place to hang out and meet new people – it’s the go to event of its kind!

Other Events...

Not only do we work hard, we also host socials too! Events such as pub quizzes, film screenings and nights out with other societies are a great way to meet people and make new friends.

The best way to keep up to date with our events, meetings and socials is to follow our social media pages - it's also the best way to get in touch! Message us if you have any questions.


Facebook: UoNAmnestySoc

Instagram: uonamnesty

Our new committee is full of fun, friendly and passionate people who want to work with you in order to achieve our goals. If you want to join us, we will be at the 2019 Welcome Festival so come along and talk to us! If you're passionate about human rights and the current climate crisis, make sure to join our society!

The joining fee is just £5.00 and we promise you a great year with our team. We look forward to seeing you!



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Campaigns Officer
Paulina Szulecka
Fundraising Officer
Imogen Harisoa Bell Gunnersen
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Publicity Officer
Molly Preston
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Welfare Officer
Jaya Jain