FAQs Societies 

  • How do I join a Society?

  • If you have decided which society you would like to join, you can join and pay for membership online (you will need to log in to do this). Alternatively, you can come into the Portland Building and pay for membership at Main Reception (Box Office).

  • How do I get in contact with a Society?

  • Each society has a Facebook page or a contact email address to get in touch with the society. Please note that we cannot provide student details to anyone else due to Data Protection Policies.

  • If you click on the following link: find a group, you can find all available groups based on your campus. Click on the relevant group name and you will find the contact information in the top right hand corner of the group's page.

  • How much is membership?

  • Membership costs vary. It depends on the society. You will find this information upon logging in under student login (not associate login) and viewing the relevant society page.

  • Are there any rules when setting up a new society?

  • There are a set of procedures that must be followed when setting up a new society. There must be a minimum of 25 members willing to join. Here is a link to the relevant page detailing the requirements step by step: start a society.

  • How do I book a room for my society?

  • Only the President can book rooms. This is to avoid any double bookings from any individual society. You must fill in the room bookings form and send it/hand it in to Nicola Boyes/ Sue McInerney. Here is the link for more information and the form: room bookings.

  • What happens if I cannot attend a room booking?

  • If you cannot attend a room booking you must cancel it. Please note if you fail to cancel, you will incur a charge.

  • How much does it cost to become an Associate member?

  • Life membership - £30 + Society Membership Fee (this is dependent upon which society you join).

  • Annual Membership - £5 + Society Membership Fee

  • Here is the link to associate membership information and for purchase: associate membership.

  • Why can’t I sign-up to training sessions online?

  • Please ensure that you log-in to allow you to do this.

  • Where can my society store our equipment?

  • Typically, students can store their society belongings/equipment in the cages/volt (Portland Building) or the Trent Stores (Trent Building).

  • Why has my invoice not been paid?

  • The potential reasons why this money might not have come out are:

    1)      The payment date on the invoice might be in 30 days (most are unless specified otherwise).

    2)      Payments for invoices go through every Friday (I covered this in Training) so if the payment date is due, it goes through this Friday, it will be paid this coming Monday.

    3)      There is an additional step to taking money out of student group accounts, and that has to be done internally and manually so this normally takes a couple of working days (sometimes quicker).

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