Societies Council Committee

Chair of Societies Council

The Chair's role is to present Societies Council, passing off to whichever speakers are involved, take questions from the floor and read out statements from societies seeking affiliation.


Events Rep

I'm your Events Rep, and I'm here to make sure that societies' events run smoothly and provide the opportunity to showcase your talent through the likes of Societies Stage, Cultural Festival and Societies Ball. We want your events to be the best they can possible be, so please get in touch!


Finance Rep

As Finance Rep, the main duties involve representing societies with any financial questions they may have and acting as a conduit for discussions with the Treasury. So, if your society has feedback or has any questions regarding finances, don’t be afraid to contact me!


Course & Careers Societies Rep

I’m here to help Course-based and Careers-focussed societies to achieve their aims and objectives. From building better links between Schools and Societies, to helping groups increase the employability prospects for their members, I can work with the relevant staff to help this happen.


Arts & Performance Societies Rep

My job is to work with the Music and Dance groups to help them shine as the high-achievers they have become. Working with staff in the Union and the University, I want to showcase the talents of these groups to the widest possible audience!


International, Cultural & Faith Societies Rep

This University is home to a huge range of different cultures, faiths, thought and belief groups. Many of these want to spread awareness of what makes them or their background unique, and I look forward to helping them achieve that with whatever support I can offer.


Volunteering Societies Rep

Many students love to selflessly give their time to help people, including those who are less fortunate than others. Working with the Student Volunteer Centre and other relevant bodies, I want to make sure our Volunteering groups can do everything they can to improve the lives of those in our and other communities.


Hobbies & Interest Societies Rep

Everybody has a hobby of some kind, and here at the University of Nottingham we have a huge range of student societies where groups of like-minded students have come together to enjoy these interests. I want to make sure that every hobby, interest and lifestyle group has the ability to make the most of their time at University and truly enjoy themselves.


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