STARS - Recognition and Rewards

2017/18 STARS Results

Following months of work, we are finally able to announce what the STARS initiative will look like for 2017/18 and how your group can obtain either a Gold or Silver accreditation this year.

We have changed things up a bit, which is partly why it has taken us a bit longer to confirm these details. For that, we offer an apology and we hope that there is still more than enough time to do everything you need to do to submit your claims.

One exciting change this year is that STARS is available to more types of Student Groups. SRSs, Networks and Campaign Groups can now get involved! So if you're from one of these groups, make sure you check everything out.

Below is a link to our comprehensive Guidance Document which outlines the whole process and lists every available set of points available to groups. We have also tried to simplify the process, so in most instances, you only need to have done each thing once. Evidence of you doing each thing will still be required but it's up to you have you provide this proof. Each set of points has a file upload and a text box so this should make things easier to justify each claim.

Read the document carefully. There's a lot in there and again we have changed quite a lot so please consult with the document before you get in contact with us. 

Presidents will will be sent a form unique to your group early next week which you can use to begin to your claims. If your president does not receive a link by Tuesday 6th Feb, then please email

It's up to you and your committee whether you want to engage with STARS. It is voluntary so please have a think about it's something that will benefit your group. There are also different deadlines for different types of groups, so make sure you know when you need to submit your claims by!

Questions should be directed to your development coordinator in the first instance or to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope you find the changes made to be positive and we look forward to seeing you submit your forms over the coming months.

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