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Your Students' Union here at Nottingham is one of the first in the country to invest in creating a Finance App to streamline processes for student groups. Our app, eXpense 365, is designed to do two things:

  • Empower groups to claim back expenses quickly and easily
  • Empower groups to be able to view their current balance and recent transactions without having to wait for it to be emailed through

The app can be downloaded at the following locations:

To learn how to use the app, please review this presentation:


  • Payments for expenses will appear in your personal bank account 3 working days after you receive a remittance.

  • Please do not use the app as a test to show someone how it works. All entries appear as live on our system. Please refer to the guidance documents and FAQs instead. 

  • When attaching a proof of payment to your claim, please ensure that this actually shows the payment being made. Your treasurer will not be able to approve your claim if it does not. 

  • We are unable to process claims of under £5 due to the cost of making bank transfers. We suggest you collect smaller receipts and submit them together on one claim. 

  • Do not submit invoices for payment through the app! These should go through the invoices payment system by emailing 

We have some more Frequently Asked Questions which you can find answers to at this link


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