Group Leader Training

Group Leader Training is there for you to make sure that you have all the knowledge and skills to run your Society effectively, safely and legally!

This training is compulsory for your Group President,Treasurer and Secretary and forms part of the Bronze award along with the necessary compulsory Bronze paperwork.

Group Leader Training can be booked through the SU Website.


Want to Become a Trainer?

We offer you an exciting opportunity to become one of our STARS Trainers.

You will be given the required training to run the sessions and develop your skills.

Please email for an application form


Group Leader Training (Bronze Award)

In order for your Society to be active you must achieve your Bronze Award. This consists of :

  • The incoming President,Treasurer and Secretary attending the Group Leader Training. Book here.
  • Completion of all the necessary compulsory Bronze paperwork.
  • A valid society constitution uploaded to your society webpage.
  • Attendance at Societies Council.
  • Hold an AGM with a democratic election of new committee.
  • No unauthorised debt.
  • Update committee details on your society page. See guide here.

Failure to complete your Bronze Award could result in your Society being disaffiliated.


Group Development Training sessions (Silver)

Once you have completed your Bronze Award you can begin working towards your Silver Award. The STARS Silver Award recognises excellent groups and is based on your commitment to developing your Society by attending additional training sessions. By attending these sessions you will gain vital skills that employers are looking for and gain that crucial head start in the employability market, as well as helping your committee and society to be the best it can be.

There are 12 training sessions.  One committee member must attend a minimum number of sessions (UP/Jubilee groups =5, SB groups =4, Healthcare groups =2) to achieve the required number of points on the STARS Points scheme each of the sessions listed below, preferably a different committee member at each session.  

The sessions are as follows (click on each link to find out more and book onto a session):

  1. Exploring Sponsorship
  2. The Events Process - The large events guide
  3. How to  Build Your Membership - appealing to a wider audience
  4. How to Hold a Successful AGM and Handover
  5. Risk Assessment for events
  6. Delivering and Planning Training Sessions
  7. Motivating Your Volunteers
  8. Cascade & Jumpstart Platforms for Funding
  9. Culture Shock
  10. Working Effectively as a Committee
  11. Overseas Trips
  12. Introduction to Campaigning
  13. Personal Brand Workshop

All sessions can be booked via the SU website. You must log-in to sign up.

In addition to attending these training sessions, you need to achieve further points across the other categories under ourSTARS Points scheme. For more information on this, please visit our Points-based Rewards page.

Gold Award

STARS Gold Award recognises Clubs and Societies that have been outstanding throughout the year. These are the groups that have really gone the extra mile - achieving very high standards within their aims and objectives and going out of their way to give their members the best possible experience.

To achieve Gold Award, as with Silver you need to attend a minimum number of training sessions, along with achieving points across the other categories under the STARS Points scheme as described on the Points-based Rewards page.

The Award:

On obtaining your STARS Gold Award, your status will be published on the Societies notice-boards and website and you will get the following benefits:

  • At Welcome Fair, you'll receive extra branding and free power for your stand (if requested).
  • As individual committee members, you will all receive certificates which are excellent for your CV and to talk about with prospective employers.
  • Gold status for your society also gives the group 10% off clothing orders with Red Oak Roller clothing for the following academic year.
  • The society will be highlighted in the Activities Guide for the following academic year.
  • Gold societies are given priority for booking rooms (a day early access to the room booking system).




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