New Committee Welcome Training

New Committee Training is there for you to make sure that you have all the knowledge and skills to run your Society effectively, safely and legally!

This training is compulsory for your Group President,Treasurer and Secretary along with the necessary compulsory paperwork.

New Committee Welcome Training can be booked through the SU Website. There are various dates between April and May 2019 by which time we would have expected your group to have completed this training.

The incoming President,Treasurer and Secretary need to attend the Committee Welcome Training - Book here.

In order for your Society to be active you must have completed all the necessary Training and paperwork - failure to do so will result in suspension of your Group.


  • Drop in Training for Events - this is compulsory for any new committee members who are running or submitting an event before 1st September 2019.  Suitable for General Secretary or whoever is involved in organising events.  Book Here.

  • Completion of all the necessary compulsory  Paperwork There are various deadlines - please follow the link to ensure you complete ALL paperwork on time in order to avoid suspension.

  • Compulsory on-line Training

  • Compulsory training for Finance, Events and Health and Safety will be online from 1st September 2019.  These 3 modules have to be completed by your group before 31st October 2019 deadline.  

  • Further information on where these can be found will follow over the summer.

  • Welcome Fair registration - Registration is now open for Groups to have a stall at any of the Welcome Fairs.  The deadline to apply is the 22nd June 2019.  Stalls will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.  Please book here

Other useful information

  • You need to ensure that your Group has:

  • A valid society constitution uploaded to your society webpage.

  • Attendance at Societies Council.

  • Hold an AGM with a democratic election of new committee.

  • No unauthorised debt.

  • Update committee details on your society page. See guide here.

Failure to complete the above could result in your Group being disaffiliated.


Core Training sessions

There are 3 compulsory training sessions that Group members  must complete in order to be affiliated with the Students Union.  These are as follows:-

Health and Safety Training (to be completed by the President)

Finance Training (to be completed by the Treasurer)

Events Training (to be completed by the General Sec/Events Coordinator or most appropriate member of your group).

These modules will be available on line via Moodle from the 1st September 2019. If your Group needs to complete an additional face to face session on any of these topics you will be contacted by a member of the Students Union.

On line training and additional training must be completed by 31st October 2019


Group Development Training sessions

As well as the core sessions the SU also offers a variety of enhanced development training for groups.  We are currently reviewing our Development sessions and will be launching our new and exciting Training structure in September 2019.  Keep checking back for more details.

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