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Your new Students’ Union Portland building will start to be transformed over this summer. One of the big changes you’ll see is a new Welcome zone, where Blackwell’s currently is (don’t worry Blackwell’s will still be in the building, on B floor in a new fantastic space). Within the Welcome zone there will be some vending machines and you can shape what goes in these (please log in to see the poll)

UoN Student projects

If you'd like to advertise your own academic project, please get in touch via email:

What influences students to join a church, or not, at uni?

Research repeatedly shows that about 73% of students who identify themselves as Christians stop attending church when they move to university, but for only about 10% of these is that because they’ve decided it is something they don’t want to do anymore. This research project aims to better understand why the drop off in church attendance among Christian students moving to university occurs so that the chaplaincy and local churches respond most effectively and appropriately to the needs of students.

Please participate in this survey before 31st October 2017. For more information contact Rev Megan Smith:

Want to work for us?

If you are a University of Nottingham student with at least 9 months of your studies left, and you are looking for a flexible role that allows you to chat informally with other students, as well as gain research and marketing experience we would like to hear from you!

Please Note: Recruitment for this role happens in September of the academic year but please feel free to send us your CV at anytime via the below. 

Brand & Insight Ambassador Job Description

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