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Students are awesome

We want to hear about all the good things you or your friends are doing during your time at University of Nottingham. We've therefore set up a 'recognition panel' who once a term, allocate official Students' Union recognition certificates to students who have gone the extra mile.

Whether it's a simple small act of kindness, or a massive project success - we want to hear about it. Please fill out the form below, and then hopefully, when the Student Recognition Panel meet, your submission will be picked to receive a Students' Union certificate. 

The certificates will prove useful conversation points when you meet with your future employers. Plus, if you're nominating someone else - it helps to remind them that they've made a positive impact. It's a lovely 'feel good' gesture. 

Criteria: Successful submissions make clear the impact that a particular behaviour or action has had on a student. Here are some examples to help guide your submission:

Good examples:

  1. 'I helped a Karnival rep collect food tins at the end of term so that donations could be made to a local charity'
  2. 'When I experienced some difficulty on my course, James not only linked me to lots of helpful campus support services, but he also went with me so I felt reassured'

Less effective examples:

  1. 'I bought my friend a coffee when they were out of cash'
  2. 'James collected my event tickets because I couldn't make it to the box office'

Please click here to nominate a student

Other useful information

Who sits on the Recognition Panel?
Students' Union staff members (this includes student staff) and Students' Union officers When does the panel meet? Once a term - within the last month of the term.

What's the deadline for submissions?
There is no deadline. You can submit your recognition throughout the year, but depending on when the panel meet, will depend on when your recognition submission is reviewed. The recognition panel usually meets in the last month of the academic term.

How many submissions can I enter?
As many as you like! Just ensure you stick to the critera mentioned above.

How will I know if my submission is successful?
Successfully nominated individuals will be informed by members of Students' Union staff over email. Unfortunately those who make the nomination are not directly notified, but we hope the certificates will prompt a thank you from the recognised individual to the person who nominated them. Students who are recognised, and are happy to have their name shared, will appear on this webpage, plus within the 'Nottingham Inspirational Students' magazine.

How can I find out more?
Please email the SU President ( with the subject line 'Student Recognition'.

Previous winners

Check back in the spring term!