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The Disabled Students' Network is a representational association of the Students' Union. It works with the SU and the University to help ensure that all students who have a disability have access to the best possible student experience that all students at UoN are entitled to.

The Disabled Students' Network can provide students information about available help, helps organise sporting and social events, and also campaigns on a university, local and national level to try to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by those with a disability.

The Disabled Students’ Network aims to represent all students that self-define as disabled, including students with long term illnesses, specific learning difficulties and mental health issues. As well as representing students in terms of their courses and welfare to the University, it also maintains a social element, bringing together all students within an inclusive Students’ Union.

The Network is chaired by the Disabled Students’ Officer, who sits on committees and is a direct representative of disabled students. They are supported by the Disabled Students’ Network Committee, who helps to organise events and campaigns to raise awareness on certain issues and ensure that the University and the Students’ Union are working hard to ensure that all students have access to its activities and services.

The Network is always looking for passionate and interested people to get involved or join the comittee; so if you are interested please do get in touch.


You can contact the Disabled Student Officer:

Students’ Union Disabled Students’ Officer Beth Titchiner: E-mail  sudisabledofficer@nottingham.ac.uk

Students’ Union Equal Opportunities & Welfare Officer Myles Smith-Thompson: E-mail   suwelfare@nottingham.ac.uk

If you are a current University of Nottingham student with a disability, please join our closed Facebook group for updates about network activities, information, support services and activities relevant to disabled students: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nsu.dsn/

To participate in elections and receive e-mail updates from the network, please purchase the free network membership by clicking on the link at the right of this page.

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Disabled Students' Officer
Beth Titchiner