The International Students' Network (ISN) is an association of the Students' Union (SU) run by international students for international students. Anyone without a British is automatically considered a member of the Network.

The ISN is well known for its role in the Welcome Programme, as well as for holding many social events to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere for international students. The ISN helds various and different type of events that aim to celebrate the cultural diversity of UoN. 

The ISN also has a welfare and representational role in the international student community and acts as a liaison and channel by which international students' voices are being heard by the SU and the International Office. The ISN ensures that the level of equality and equal opportunities is according to the standards and that the members of the Network are enjoying their stay at UoN by taking advantage of what UoN has to offer. If you are an international students and you are struggling with something or feel like you need someone to talk to, the ISN should be your first stop when searching for advice or even a viable solution. 

Members of the Network are encouraged and always welcome to  get involved and share their multicultural university experience.

Any international student is assured of a welcome into this association, from the minute they enter this University until the minute they leave. 

The ISN is always looking to improve and further develop its work  therefore suggestions are welcome and volunteers as committee members are needed. 

No elections are currently running

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International Students Officer 2016/17: Csongor Sovany



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