Women*'s Officer

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Kiitan Abel-Ajala
I promise:
  • i) to be very transparent in my activities.

  • ii) To run awareness campaigns on: women's issues (health and social), body positivity, sexual assault and consent.

  • iii) To organise workshops for empowerment, healing and education.

  • iv) Make childcare more available and accessible to mothers in the university.

  • Rahemah Khatri
    Growing up, I was introduced to the feminist ideology by my elder sister who educated me on intersectionality and made me think about the challenges women face by patriarchal view of society. She also reminded me of my privilege and that most women in Pakistan go through much more than I ever will and so, I must use my privilege to fight for their rights.

    The reason why I want to become a Women’s Officer is because I want to be a strong role model - just like my sister was to me- to the women at my university by bridging the gap between them and the Students Union

    Receiving the title of Women’s Officer would be an honor for me as I would not only be acting upon my activism but being an international student who has spent 20 years in Pakistan, I would also be representing all the women from my country because I have witnessed the discrimination women face simply based on our gender and to be able to stand up for my beliefs for the strong females around me would actually help me make the change I want to see in this world.