Welfare and Wellbeing Officer

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Edward Robert Crawley
It has been really difficult to write a manifesto. Due to the uncertainty created by Covid-19, I cannot make big spending promises. Instead, we must tackle the constantly evolving Covid-19 developments with the resources we have available now.

This year is going to be hard. From international students to first year students, it will be vital to be ready to adapt. Therefore, my campaign is about the flexibility to cope with Covid-19 and budget constraints, and the need to improve communication. Given this, I have three main aims

Reducing the impact of Covid-19

  • Hold regular meetings with the Part-Time Officers to ensure that all groups are receiving appropriate levels of welfare support

  • Prepare a proactive plan to engage students if they have not returned to campus by the Autumn Semester, including supporting welcome week and clubs and societies.

  • Increase Clarity

  • Make services such as counselling more transparent.

  • Foster a closer relationship with University Welfare to develop targeted and comprehensive welfare support and resources

  • Increase Inclusivity

  • Explore the delivery of welfare and wellbeing services online to increase access

  • Explore and advertise Disabled Student Allowance funded mentoring, to provide those with disabilities and long-term mental health illnesses with the necessary support.

  • Emily Coleman
  • Establish a Welfare and Wellbeing Council for committee members responsible for Welfare within societies, sports groups and other student run groups

  • Improve the prominence of Welfare within commercial partnerships, specifically Crisis, Ocean and DG Taxis

  • Promote and improve the range of support students can access, both for the entire student body as a whole as well as specific groups of students such as International students, Postgraduate students and students studying on satellite campuses

  • Collaborate with Welfare Network, HealthyU and other groups/ services on regular events and campaigns as well as continuing to expand/ introduce access to free STI screenings, drug testing kits, sanitary products and condoms

  • Reward and thank student volunteers within Welfare groups, including running an end of year celebration event

  • Through being on the Welfare Network Committee since 2018, as well as being involved within various other areas of the Students’ Union, I have the necessary skills, knowledge and passion for this role in order to improve the support available to students throughout their time at University.