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Fidan Najafova
  • HOST a culture days/week every few months in Portland and various other central areas.

  • - By hosting individual cultural days or a week every few months, we get to explore and understand each other more! I am looking to set up several booths that portrays a specific culture and country and collaborate with societies in order to better to promote this event.

  • INCREASE funding for international events.

  • - It has come to my attention that less people attend these events as they find them to be not to up to their expected standards. By increasing funding for international events, this will improve its popularity.

  • ESTABLISH better relationship with societies in respective of cultures and values.

  • - By establishing better relationships with societies in respective of cultures, I seek to encourage societies to host more events in order to improve consideration for religious and cultural needs. I hope to reach out to international students through societies in order to help them feel more welcomed and comfortable in their university and Nottingham livelihood.

  • STRENGHTEN & CREATE positions of international representatives within societies and accommodations

  • - By strengthening and creating positions of international representatives in societies and accommodations, I intend there to be roles where international students can personally rely on and go to for any personal issues or just any enquiries.

    Anqi Wang
    Due to an international student myself, I am appropriate to feel what all international student groups feel, and provide a valuable and pleasing solution quickly.

    My high psychological endurance and good emotion management can support me always to be positive and willing to help others! Due to the successful first year at university, I will give the best suggestion for international freshers to get involved and enjoy life in Nottingham.

    Thanks to the study experience globally, I have more abilities and interests in all cultures and languages, it is easy to start a conversation and make friends with me! See me as a starting point, with the successes and confidence to start the fantastic university time!

    I am not only a helper but also a good listener. I am both a good teammate and a good leader! I believe all the international groups just lack a chance to get involved! Just be confident and initiative to start!

    I am outgoing and positive, I am willing to help everyone who is confusing and afraid to make a friend. I will be the best suit for the position!
    Jenan Kamel
    I’m an Egyptian student and was raised in a society and family that developed my personality to be open-minded and naturally curious. It taught me how to appreciate and respect my culture and other cultures and be considerate for cultural differences while living in an international environment.

    I believe I have a lot of ideas that will ensure all students, whether they’re international or British, will have a university experience where they feel as welcomed, recognized and cared for as everyone else.

    Some of these ideas include: Fun events around the UK and Nottingham, cultural enrichment workshops and competitions, trips, language, dance and music classes and performances, facilitation plans for freshers and leavers and on-campus representation of the international student body we have.

    With everything I learnt in Egypt and from my first year experience abroad, I came up with these ideas based on my feedback and some of my friends’. I felt very welcomed by the university and feel like I wanna give back to this community which is why I’m applying for this role and hopefully will be able to fill it as best as I can.
    Hamza Nouman
    Change and progress are conditional upon the grassroots understanding of the difficulties and challenges faced by members. This is the platform that I am running on, a hands-on approach at ground zero.

    My manifesto promises a more vibrant and cohesive international and EU students community. Strengthening relationship with the International Student's groups in other universities, allowing members to broaden their networking and connections with students’ from other universities.

    Connecting International & EU students to volunteering programs and work opportunities.

    Propose to expand the International Student’s Welcome Program to the EU students as well to ensure smoother transition of EU students.

    Closer relationship between the students and the ISN e.g pub quizzes, Karaoke, Board Games, Movie Night.

    Collaboration with various national societies to organize events which brings different societies under one umbrella.

    Story sessions to provide a platform for people to hear and tell their experiences from their respective cultural backgrounds.
    Layal AlHarahsha
    I’m a 2nd year Industrial Economics and Insurance student from Jordan running for International student officer in the 2020 Student Union Elections! Nottingham University has cultural diversity but international students want to be heard! Working together, we’d be able to drive small differences into great changes.

    What Changes I want to take a stand for ?

  • Accessibility: if I am representing you, you will know me, be able to contact me and reach out if you face any issues

  • Support all international students from the EU and non-EU whilst understanding each culture in its own way.

  • ALL international students should be represented EQUALLY such as providing different eating options (Like Indian, Lebanese and Mexican food).

  • Stimulating integration between International Societies through planning more integrated socializing events.

  • Unity: WE are all from different places, WE all have our differences, but let that be OUR STRENGTH not our weakness. Say NO to Racism!

  • WE might come from different countries but WE ALL SHARE ONE EARTH. With COLLECTIVE effort, WE can face the greatest challenge instilled upon us this decade; CLIMATE CHANGE. Let 2020 Student Union elections be a good start with YOUR VOTE!

  • Why entrust me with this role ?

  • Attending the university’s international college for a year prior to my degree introduced me to different and increased my connectivity between different societies in Nottingham

  • As a Global Young Leader conference alumni, I explored different cultures and international affairs alongside students from more than 145 countries I believe there’s a lesson to learn from every culture, and a value to attain, Allow Me To Lead You With YOUR Values Vote Layal for International student officer

  • Raj Gohire
    My name is Raj Gohire and I'm running for the position of International Students’ Officer (Part-Time). I’m a first-year international undergraduate currently studying Computer Science.

    I promise to give new coming international students a smooth transition into university life by making them feel their belongingness here before the overwhelming freshers week.

    Aims and Promises: I also aim to work upon and improve the current services provided by the Global Buddies Scheme to have a constant student body to support the international students at every step.

    Furthermore, I will also work closely with the of racial diversity officers here at University of Nottingham. I can also implement celebrations of the main festivals from around the world to capture the gist and make them feel at home.