Environment and Social Justice Officer

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Andrei Stanciu
  • The SU to become carbon neutral by 2025 (instead of the proposed deadline of 2028).

  • Actively campaign to promote a reduction in the carbon footprint of the University.

  • Lobby the University to significantly expand its current investment in sustainability schemes.

  • Actively promote the Environment Initiative Fund.

  • Share best practice by identifying and promoting Student Environmental Champions.

  • Increase the fundraising from the community and attract local businesses who benefit from the contribution of the UoN graduates to support SU environmental and social equity schemes.

  • Review the social equity of the companies working with and for the SU, which should all adopt the Living Wage for all their workers.

  • Aggressively lobby the University to review the social equity of the companies working with and for the University, and to equally challenge its suppliers (through a moratorium) to adopt a Living Wage.

  • Aggressively lobby the University to actively promote its welfare funding schemes.

  • Actively promote workplace organisations on campus, and among the student body and staff, so that membership of such organisations be better understood and normalised, when students join the workforce.

  • Martha Roberts
    I am a zoology student here to use my specialised knowledge of conservation and experience in the ESJ Network to be your ESJ Officer. My role on the ESJ committee has given me the insight needed to assume this role effectively.

    With my experience working with various student groups, including the Welfare and Disabled Students Network, I have the tools to work together and make a force for sustainable and ethical good within the SU. I have intimate knowledge of the previous sustainability campaigns within the SU and knowledge about sustainable, conservation and ethical practices which I have talked publicly about.

    I will continue the work of the previous Officer and strengthen student engagement for the Network. The future of sustainable development lies with diverse voices.

    I will give a second wave to the Waste Nott campaign as well as improving public knowledge of recycling practices and increasing student-hunger awareness with Friday Food Raves.

    As your ESJ Officer, I will empower the student body to share their voices and inspire change for good.