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Adrian Dewey
My campaign for Education Officer runs on 3 things:




But above that one core value: compassion.
Amna Ibrahim
Hi, I am Amna. I am a Course Representative, a member of the EDI committee in my school, and the Welfare Secretary in the PG network.

Vote #Amna4Education, and support me to become your next Education officer.

I will ensure your opinions are heard, increase equal representation of all student-groups across faculties so you can get the most out of your educational experience.

  • Accessible and affordable education

  • More diversity and inclusivity in the curriculum

  • Needs-based library funding

  • All students are represented in the Education Network

  • Aura Mackintosh Bamber
  • 24 hour library opening times

  • Fight against 'deadline' bunching

  • Greater mental health support especially during exams

  • Mahel Khan
  • Improve the level of support given to all students throughout the year, with a particular focus on BME, LGBT+, disabled, low-income and mental-health-suffering students

  • Introduce more social-study spaces across all campuses in order to reduce the level of disruption in the University’s libraries

  • Reduce the level of strike action at the University and if that fails, ensure students are fairly compensated as a result of strike action

  • Roll out TyFy across all schools at the University to allow students to provide help to others whilst gaining valuable experience as a mentor which can help bolster CVs

  • Rebecca Louise Craven
    If elected, I would

  • work towards a more efficient timetabling service – make timetables available before the start of each term.

  • improve learning areas, both in lecture/seminar rooms and libraries – such as WiFi signals, power sockets, flexible spaces

  • more clarity with lecture capture – signpost how to access and create an alternative where not possible

  • earlier release of reading lists and increase of available resources

  • more open conversation between students and staff

  • 24 hour exam policy – emphasise that not all exams/assessments are written

  • #CravenChange for Education
    Waseem Ahmed Nazeer Ahmed
    Include and encourage more women ROLES in the SU. Make Mentoring program compulsory.

    Do my best fight against gender pay gap role. ensure that there is enough funding for already existing activities, clubs and societies

    Make SU Officers briefing compulsory during the Welcome week.

    Extra career support for international Students and Pastoral care.

    Promoting more student talent.