BME Officer

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Hera Aryubi
To start a campaign against hate crime at the university, raising awareness whilst taking action aiming to create a safer learning environment for everyone. Particularly needed at this time due to the rise in xenophobia against the Eastern Asian community whilst the Coronavirus is becoming more prevalent.

To ensure support groups are available for BME students helping them with their academic journeys and offering general support too. This will reduce the attainment gap and also allow for a more fair and successful completion of their studies.

Host career-related events and networking opportunities for BME students as a chance to secure their graduate jobs! Talks will be available from other BME members to offer advice and motivation.

Introduce an international week at UoN where students have an opportunity to learn about each other’s cultures by participating in fun activities and eating good food! BME and non-BME communities will integrate more as a result.
Jared Spencer
Create a sub committee comprising of representatives from each minority ethnic student group to ensure the needs of all BAME students are heard and recognised.

Create stronger links in the UoN global network with Africa and the Caribbean. Start a student funded scholarship for incoming students of ethnic minorities.

Promote equality, diversity and inclusion among the student body, administration and academic staff.
Jere Foote
If elected BME Officer I hope to ensure students feel like their voice is heard, and therefore aim to conduct regular communication with the network ensuring I understand how I can support students as their BME Officer.

I also aim to create welfare sessions, understanding the stress the demands of university life can cause, to ensure all students feel that they are not alone.

If elected I intend to implement a buddy system, ensuring students new to the university have someone they feel they can rely on as a support system, recognising how difficult it may be first starting university. The attainment gap, in which Ethnic Minorities are less likely to achieve ‘top degrees’ is an issue I wish to tackle, hoping to create alumni events and work closely with the Education officer to overcome this.

Careers and social events are something I wish to create more, not only focusing on achieving a desired career goal, but also having fun in the process.